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YGmae (a vertical shooter) demo 1 released!
yup. AVL (Advanced Vector Library) is written in C. It's what's used for the animation, rendering, and collision detection. It's also probably the reason behind most of the crashing bugs.. C & QB modules don't mix very well. It created some really weird bugs in YGmae, like I had a routine that look like this:
sub projAdd ( .. )
for i = 0 to maxprj
if prj(i).i = 0 then
  prj(i).i = 1
  exit sub
end if
I had to change for i = 0 to maxprj to for i = maxprj/2 to maxprj to stop it from crashing. still don't understand why.. the scary thing is tho, there could be more of those bugs hiding away in my source code that seem to defy all explanation, probably because of the C/QB mix. This makes me sad, because I tend to get a little obsessive when it comes to my games, and if anyone can't play it because of seem reason I get down. Anyway.. I guess that's pretty much all I have to say about that..

To Neo:
- textures: I might do that, but I'd have to find an artist for that, plus i wouldn't be able to kill the ems requirement if I did, but if you can find me a good artist who would be willing to do it, then by all means I will
- shooting keys: well, that might work, but only for that ship.. there's going to be multiple ships you can use, each with a different number of weapon attatchment nodes. and I want to keep all the shooting keys together. plus, that section of the keyboard allows for the most keys to be pressed together at one time.. that's one of the main reasons I chose it.
- 8/16bit bugs: I havn't encountered those bugs yet.. is there any more information you could give me?
- end of level bug: It's not a bug.. that's the end of the level, the level ends with those three battleship type things.

anyway, I have to goto class now. bye


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