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Merging newbie help and programming help
Oh? Nooo, it's easy to know. Lemme explain:

This works 92% of the time: if you can answer your question with only a RTFM, then the question belongs to the newbie forum. Oh! I can hear you scream: "And how the heck I'd know if the question can be answered with that?!?!" Simple. CTFM. (That's it, CHECK the...) [Image: biglaugh.gif]

Seriously speaking now...

"I want help on how to use GET and PUT" - newbie question (why? too generic... and sadly, the possible answer can be RTFM!)
"I want help on how to use GET and PUT in the most efficient way possible" - newbie or programming, far more specific than the previous one.
"Could someone recommend me a midi playing library/routine?" - programming, obviously.
"Problems while reading the port &H201" - advanced. Wait, that forum no longer exists!

Just my point of view.

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