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Merging newbie help and programming help
AAAAURGHHHH!!!! :evil:

Everytime I clicked on NEW the damn thing didn't write a single bit into the database, and that's because that lil' bastard relies heavily on the magic_quotes being enabled... GRRRRAAH! :evil: So I had to parse every query with mysql_escape_string to make the script work. Goddammit', that crap gave me headaches! To hell with magic_quotes!

Whatever. I've managed to get the thing working, and I've added a simple HTTP authentication (the good 'ol header 401) to the NEW and EDIT functions.

You can check it out at http://qb45.tonez-online.com/hex/wiki

PS: The password is somewhere. (but *that* isn't the password) :roll:


PPS: I forgot to mention that I'm logging the activity there, so if you (yeah, you 1337-4$$h013) start doing stupidities, you can expect retaliation.

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