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Well, if you code this in perl or php I'll try my best to help out. I know PHP, Perl, and Javascript front to back, as well as aesthetic web design. In addition to this, one of the things I've been slacking on is the redesign of

From what I can envision sitting here on a library terminal, you'd need four tables: One with header information, and three more for the three page types, all tables having a primary key on the index. If I survive this upcoming week I'll try and get some work done next weekend.

I'll also try and get that review of your page, SotSvart, I'm very sorry but I was tossed a Monday presentation and a Tuesday test on Friday, that I didn't know about.

Anyways, don't start on anything just yet, Nex. I don't want to try any of this crap until I have the time, which will lighten up in a few weeks. If anything happens, it'll be me making a backend for a wiki-style freedoc library. Then we can talk about converting articles to freedoc format.

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