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The AAP Official Projects Squad has updated (8-27-2005)!
To Pete:

Wow, I did not know about that at all, *nor* did it ever occur to me in my thinking at all up ‘till now! The fact that Gmail does not instantly support .ZIP files (at face value) as an E-mail attachment might be actually behind the cause of the “Illegal Attachment” errors in order to prevent viruses from spreading around. I did not dare expect that that was what Google meant! :o On my current compo, it happened to one entrant at that, which is why I had just already provided a secondary E-mail address indeed with which to support the sending of .ZIP files at face value — original extensions and all. I am doing this rather for the sole purpose of being fair to all potential entrants of my compo here indeed, that is all. Wink

As for what you just said which was:

Quote:...just change the extension of your zip archive to something else like .arc, .piz, .xyz, .aap, .etc..... Anything will work, really. After you download the file from Gmail, just rename it back to .zip and it will work fine.

.....that is such an interesting little trick that I am gonna keep in mind when I get ready to send certain attachments through the Gmail service. Hey, thanks a lot, man!! Big Grin=b !

Talk to you later, Pete, and such an *awesome* new week to you!!! Cool

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- Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow” ::: Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger” ::: Webmaster of the “AAP Official Projects Squad”
Original Creator of the “The New FreeBASIC 8-Bit Palette Machine”
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Your *official* home of the FreeBasic GFX Demo Central, now holding over 150 FB graphics demos so far!!! Big Grin !

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