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Hi all

Have spent weeks looking for a suitable GUI which can act as a front end to my machine control programs.
Just when I find one "WizGui2" I cant get hold of the author.

Does anyone know of an alternate email address for Albert Varaksin.
I dont know his ForumTag (if any).

I am having difficuly with compiling the examples with PDS7.1 and keep getting
"Error during initialisation" when I try to run them.

If anyone else has experience with using Future35.lib and the WizGui, perhaps they can see the problem.
  • This is how I compile: Run batch file

    MakeExe.bat which has:



    Path c:\Program1;C:\PROGRAM1\Codeview;C:\PROGRAM1\LIB


    BC Wizker.BAS      Wizker.obj    Wizker.lst  /Es

    LINK /NOE/info @C:\Program1\WizGui\Link.RSP


    Linking rsp file has the following.








    These don’t produce any errors at all, and create an .exe

    But when I run the exe, I get the error

    Error during Runtime Initialisation.


    I have tried different PDS7.1 libraries, tried simply linking the object files provided

    but I still get the same error.

    Normally when I have this problem, it means that the Library or the .obj has been compiled with

    different switches that conflict: ie: Far & Near, or Standalone versus Runtime

Your help greatly appreciated.

Regards from Down Under

Sorry confusion with WizGui  and WizGui 2 which is by Von Godric.
I am looking for the info on WizGui2
t is the End result that matters, not the Tools used to get there.
Von Godric comes around here sometimes. You can just wait for him to reply or send an email. There is also the chance you'll catch him in on irc in #freebasic. Wink
Thanks for that Dr_Davenstein

I have emailed him directly and due to the fact that his program is 10 years old
he couldnt help me.

I think though that the problem is more related to compiling outside the environment
and the way the Future libraries were compiled.

I tried simply compiling and linking with Future35.lib only
Then there was an error saying that the linker couldnt find Brt71enr.lib
So I linked it with it.
Then it compiles without errors,
but still I get the dreaded Runtime error.

Is there anyone whom has used the Future libraries with BC and Link outside the Qb45 environment. ?

Every example I have tried compiles but wont run in pure dos.
The the source code on the net is not complete, so I cant recompile/assemble  either.

Strangely the FlBuild program comes up with errors that it cant find files.
Yet all the files are in the same directory, and are set in the path statements.
Then it also says it cant find "C:\Future" directory, and that is where I ran it from.

There are some really beautiful examples out there

but I cant get any of them to run.
I'm puzzled.
t is the End result that matters, not the Tools used to get there.

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