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QB Express #24 Deadline
The deadline for QB Express #24 is quickly approaching, and as always, we are in need of submissions!

QBE #24 Deadline: Saturday, September 1st

All submissions can be sent to:

We have received a handful of tutorials thus far, but as of right now, we have no articles/reviews/editorials/rants, and no comics!  (Though we could always use more tutorials.)

Additionally, we need exclusive screenshots of a pretty-looking game for the next issue's Gallery, so if you have a project you're looking to show off, send us some screenshots.

Also, if you have any news or announcements you'd like covered in this month's news briefs, send us an email so we don't forget about you.
Pete's QB Site:
The deadline is almost here.... Five days left!

Email your submissions to:
Pete's QB Site:
I have something I want to submit and I sent you an email at, but it didn't send.  I really want to submit this for the issue.  I sent you the email from my account, and I got an email back with this error message:

A message (from <>) was received at 28 Aug 2007 12:59:25

The following addresses had delivery problems:

Permanent Failure: Other address status
Delivery last attempted at Tue, 28 Aug 2007 12:59:30 -0000
Does it have a .zip attachment?  Gmail blocks zips for some reason.  (Just rename your extension to .zig or something else and try sending again.)

Otherwise, you can try uploading your file somewhere on line and just emailing us a link.
Pete's QB Site:

September 1st is... Two days away!

That's the official deadline for QB Express #24!  We're still really lacking on articles/editorials/rants/reviews, and our tutorials section definitely needs some more content as well.  If you have time to write something in the next two days, definitely do it!
Pete's QB Site:

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