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MP3 player problems
Hey wow I can't even remember the last time I made a post on this forum but I gots me a problem and I figure this forums been good to me.

Sooo heres the intro: So about a month ago I purchased a MP3 player from a black man in a suit at a gas station in town (I know it sounds shifty but I think the thing is actually legit). It was a decent sale: 1GB plays MP3s mp4s wma and even plays video in the amv format (it came with a converter tool). Anyways I kept an eye on my car just to make sure the guy's pal wasn't tryin to steal my car, and I wrote the guy a check for 40 bucks and he gave it to me. Took it out of the box and it worked find played music and videos just great.

Now the only problem is it has one of the most clumsy GUI i have ever seen. So i googled the brand and they dont even have a website. So I was wondering if it was at all possible to write your own OS for an mp3 player or at least adjust the current one in C or something.
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rel would be the man to ask i think. he's been modding phones & stuff for a while now. Wink
Sorry  I was late.  However, there's no port of any programming lang that I know of with those kinds of MP3/AMV players (Though I really hate why the firmware would support AMV and not 3gp).

These types of Ipod wannabe's share the same firmware no matter what brand you have (Some even like to name theirs "Soni", "IPD", "Nani", etc.

As for the horrible gui, I believe your stuck with it. You could try to update your firmwares though to see if the gui improved at all.

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