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QB Express #26 Deadline: November 24th
The original deadline for QB Express #26 was November 15th, but seeing as we've received NO SUBMISSIONS WHATSOEVER, I've decided to extend it to November 24th.

Yeah, we've got nothing.  This is bad.  We've never been in a worse situation for an issue yet....we haven't even received a measly letter to the editor or news brief.

Is this the death nell for QB Express?  I've always said that we will continue publishing episodes as long as people submit enough content to make it worthwhile.  Save QB Express!  The only way that there can be a next issue is if you send stuff in!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 24th (that's two days after Thanksgiving, for all you Americans)

Tutorials, articles, editorials, game reviews, comics, letters to the editor, news briefs...we need it all.  Email your stuff to:
Pete's QB Site:

The deadline is this Saturday, November 24th!

Send your article in to:
Pete's QB Site:

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