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how about a add-on,plug-in,or replacement -qb compliant compiler
how about a add-on,plug-in,or replacement -qb compliant compiler....
with all the original qb-ide n stuff but without the limitations?

im sure the comunity has the ability-if we could only come together as volunteers for a common cause.  colaborate on what is needed -while leaveing it open ended to accept plugins it could realy be simple. delegate each programer as a part of a team to produce each part individualy....I know who wants to work for free, But with the state of the art high level laguages comeing up there are realy two questions.
1#who wants to continue to use basic if it cant compeate ?
2#who wants to learn yet another language.

actualy when I realized I was profficeint in more than 16 programing languages and had written for every platform yet created .At first i was proud of the fact,but now i feel its a waste of brainmatter....I prefer QB4.5 for most projects but now it simply dosent compeate with 64&128or256 bit just around the corner....we need such a tool,  I Guess my question is .Can the qb community produce it.
sore to the touch
You will need to start it by yourself and if other members of the community think you have made a good start, then you will get help.
At the moment FB  with -lang qb and QB64 are both attempting  what you suggested. FB was started by V1ctor and others are now helping. QB64 is much younger and is still being developed by Galleon without help, other than suggestions. QB64 is a compiler only at the moment but the initial goal is to compile any QB program and run it in 64 bit. Any extras will have to use Notepad  as there is not an IDE.
Best of luck.

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