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QB64 Demo v0.7 (Qbasic syntax Compiler) Released
Run QB through DOSBox.
Thanks, I had to change the shortcut address.
Greenday, Spice Girls... Can you tell the difference?
Galleon has released a progress report of the work done on the near-coming QB64 v0.8 demo at the official QB64 forum.

I've been monitoring it, and here are some highlights of recent developments:

QB64 is now sucessfully compiling Qbasic classics such as Nibbles & Gorrilas.
Mouse usage support will be included in v0.8.
Full UDT support is expected also (partial UDT already implemented).
PLAY & CONST support will be added in v0.8.
Galleon has also nabbed for possible future use for the project.

The QB64 v0.08 release is scheduled for the end of this month.

To follow the projects development, and to help contribute in its testing, visit its official forum:

- Dav

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