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Mathematical Expressions Analyzer
Well... I have an utility that I did about 10 years ago to analyze Mathematical Expressions and calculate them. Is very advanced, but maybe you could have some observations on it.

For this opportunity, I translated all the comments so you can understand the program more easily. The attached file includes a README.TXT for instructions to use.

I hope that you like it...

From the guts of progralogics and mechatronics
Hi David!

Thank you very much for your program.

I am not programer,  I like math.

I have seen your program and is very good and interesting.

I got to see it more slowly and understand it better, but it's a great job you've done in the mathematical analysis.

Giving thanks for your grand work, receives a cordial greeting.

Attn.: Luis Belmonte



Hola David!

Muchas gracias por tu programa.

Soy un aficionado a la informatica y me gustan las matematicas.

He visto tu programa y parece muy bueno e interesante.

Tengo que verlo mas despacio y comprenderlo mejor, pero es un gran trabajo lo que has hecho en el analisis matematico.

Dandote las gracias por tu gran trabajo, recibe un cordial saludo.

Atte.: Luis Belmonte


I have now downloaded both your files, the .bas and .txt.  I tried a few examples, and, they worked fine!  It seems to me that you have done a good job!

Now, as to improvements you may want to consider, I would place as number one, that, once you have entered an expresion with one or more variables, after asking for the variable(s) values, to me, the next logical step would be the program's request of, instead of
"Again (Y/N)"
"Same function (S), New function (N), Quit (Q)"
or some such expression, and revise your code accordingly.  You see, to me, it is logical that one may want to evaluate the same expression over and over.  Of course, one can improve this more and more, but, a the minimum, it would be nice to nat have to input the same function more than once, if one is goingto evaluate it more than once.
What do you think?
A somewhat more sophisticated change would be, once the function is entered, to show a list of all  the variables, with default values, starting with all zeros the firsts time, then, retaining the values entered, and allowing one to change any one or more of the values shown, then reevaluate the answer automatically. 
You have already done the core of the program, for which I salute you.  And, you certainly don't have to do any of my suggested additions, but, if you don't think it is really worth your time, I will certainly do so to my copy.
Ralph, using QuickBASIC 4.5 and Windows XP Home Edition and Service Pack 2, with HP LaserJet 4L printer.

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