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Visual Basic games I have made
There are three games that I made in Visual Basic 6.0 that I would like to share and I know it technically isn't QB but general/misc just didn't feel like the right topic.

Anyway links to download the .exe below

Note a few bugs.
-- In cannonball you are able to move the scroll bars while the ball is soaring through the air to change how it moves.
-- In Minesweeper you can click a space you have already flagged.
-- In Tic Tac Toe the computer opponent you face is way to easy on levels 1, 2, and 3 but nearly impossible to win on level 4 (you usually tie)

Anyway tell me what you think about layout and placement and it would be very much appreciated.  Also I probably wouldn't be able to code these anymore, the college that I decided to go to has me coding in Alice and I gave up on my programming class.

It's nice of you to post and offer your games to us all, but, there are two problems here. 

1. For the longest time, many of us have not, and will not, download an .exe file, due o the fact that all kinds of viruses, trojan horses, and similar bad apples are frequently sent as .exe files.

2. The folk that go to forums usually  like to look at the code, get bugs out, and, generally, improve on it.  for this, we need the .bas file. 
Ralph, using QuickBASIC 4.5 and Windows XP Home Edition and Service Pack 2, with HP LaserJet 4L printer.
Due to the nature of Visual Basic it will not let me upload the .vbp and .frm files directly from this site.  I will link the code in a .txt file (you can not run these games in QuickBasic/QBasic) and provide a link to download the .vbp and .frm files.  First two games are cannonball and minesweeper.  In the next post tic tac toe will be available.

Tic Tac Toe.  I will get the .vp and .frm files up soon.  Also please note, NONE of the code has internal documentation because as I was making the games in a computer science class, the teacher left grading up to the students and none of them would look at the code so quite honestly I just did not bother.  I regret the decision to this day.
The teacher let the students grade their own work? Wow. Even my teacher wasn't that lenient, and I was homeschooled. Smile
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If the other students were not looking at your code, what were they looking at? Your short dress? LOL

That teacher should have been fired! Unless he was looking too.
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It was a she and she had like a rubric that the students had to follow, she was grading the assignments in between our normal assignments from the book.  let me give you you an example of what the students would look at.  Remember this was Visual Basic not QuickBasic.  I would also like to point out I am a male the name Tia derives from my first WoW characters randomly generated name Tiarola.

[Image: memory1.jpg]

[Image: memory2.jpg]

[Image: memory2.jpg]

[Image: memory4.jpg]

[Image: memhelp.jpg]

[Image: memorysplash.jpg]

[Image: memtries.jpg]

[Image: memmatch.jpg]

OK, enough is enough!

This forum is for QB projects after all! Post VB stuff in the Misc Forum please.

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(12-08-2008, 11:02 PM)Tia link Wrote:I know it technically isn't QB but general/misc just didn't feel like the right topic.

I stated that it should be in general/misc but at the time I felt the  part was a better fit.  From now on I will post any VB projects in general/misc though.
Jeez. Don't blow a gasket, Clippy.  :Smile

Nice work, Tia.

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