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RPG Attack Screen Challenge
I got a challenge, one that I'm actually working on and I'm wondering if anyone else can do it better.

I'm using FB code and SDL code so I will limit the coding to that.

I'm looking for something turn based, either by a timer or classic turn style. If anyone has played Final Fantasy, especially the seventh one, I'm looking for something like that. For those of you who have not played that game, each character in the fight has a turn or a certain time to wait till he can perform his/her turn. This applies to the enemies too.

I'm looking for something that there can be multiple and different kinds of enemies to fight at a time, each with different stats. The stats should effect the power, defense, dexterity, etc. of the enemies attack. There should also be stats for the player. As a bonus, a player party would be awesome.

The stats should consist of this:

endurance - effects the amount of health the unit has
strength - effects the hand-to-hand attack
dexterity - effects the chance to hit the target
defense - effects the resistance to the oncoming attack
magic - effects magic attack and defense (Bonus)

I would really like this to be graphic, but I'm more of looking for an algorithm right now for the basic fight sequence. Graphics would be amazing though. For anyone who wants to use graphics, I strongly suggest using SDL for this. If you don't know how, ask and I'll send you a tutorial.

Again, I'm limiting this to only FB code or SDL code.

If you need graphics, sounds, templates, you can get them here:

So in short, I'm looking for a good turn based fight scene, graphics preferred, using FB and/or SDL code. Any questions, please ask

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