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SephSoft Opened
SephSoft was opened earlier this month. This page is home to Seph's very own projects (of which there are quite a number) and some misc downloads.

Submitted by Seph
Cool design...I like the green color....I hope to see much more stuff in the near future...
I visited your website. Enjoyed the clean, crisp, eye-pleasing format and color scheme --- perhaps the best I've seen.

I looked all over, even did a search on seph, but could not find any sephsoft stuff. ???
Yeah, it's a long story. I created the name SephSoft about a month ago giveOrTake("a day"). I never really programmed hardcore until a few months ago when I joined this board. It all started about 7 or so years ago. Back when I claimed to program in QB, all I actually made was a menu program that sucked and was only for text mode. I started making a website called SBasic, thinking I could make a cooler compiler than QBasic. It was supposed to be mine and Carter (from the original CarterSoft)'s project. But I lost touch of him gradually. And he was an asshole anyways. Back then, I didn't go to any messages boards, I only went to and that was where I met these guys. I went by QBmaster, VBmaster, QB_VBmaster, a few others, and then ProggerX. Finally, I went to and saw the message board. Keep in mind I was all preteen about it back in the day, and I got banned quite a lot from that site (by eric (1000101) too if I'm not mistaken). Then I started making ProggerSoft's website now that I had learned how awesome Perl scripts were. It was pretty crappy, and all around lame. I then went through a few more phases at (free back in the day) like QBDownloads and other stupid places. I also "joined" quite a few programming groups such as VGameSoft and whatnot. Well I took a break from programming for a long while while I got myself banned and grounded countless times by's old discission board (no longer exists). I occassionally came back to's forum which was always being upgraded. Then I started learning of the wonderous world of PHP, and how it was easier and smaller than Perl. I wrote the original SephForum and all it's stupid little versions that kept growing. That site never took off, and about 10 people used it in the entire world, most of which spoke different languages and had no idea who I was. A few still use it to this day ( I used wildcard's server at and and some other wholly unreliable domain names that no longer exist. Then I went into Trillian skinning and lost touch of this community once more. I got banned several times, from several Trillian-related websites, and then finally came back here after playing Mario 3 on a ROM emulator. You know the story from there on Wink
That was a touching story. Too bad it has several sad endings.

But I still can't find your SephSoft stuff on the RPG-DEV site.
Here, my friend : Wink

The big banner is from the excellent Fling's website

(this is the problem with those big banners, I always tell Wink )
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Quote:That was a touching story. Too bad it has several sad endings.

But I still can't find your SephSoft stuff on the RPG-DEV site.

You see, I haven't tried my hand at RPGs yet. Which is probably why I haven't submitted my site to Wink
Seph, enlighten me. What does RPG mean? It must mean something regarding games. I assume it's not IBM's Report Program Generator.
It's a Role Playing Game, pretty much any game where you build a character up, but it's mostly used to refer to games that are similar to "final fantasy", a series of RPGs made by squaresoft.
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thanks for join the quickbasic network!! good luck...
y great hobby is QuickBasic :king:

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