Poll: How big tiles would you make with a spriteeditor?
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32x32 nah
9 100.00%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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Sprite Editor Poll Question
note: I mean, you can choose from 0x0 to (32x32, 64x64 or 128x128) eg, user defined sizes, but UP to that size
As some of you may have noticed, I'm developing a sprite editor (goto qbrpgs.com in the projects section to read about it), and I'd like to get an answer to this question. Please answer honest and only one time, thank you Smile
i would want it to have user defined sprite sizes. i would also expect a tile view, mouse controls, gif and bmp support, anti-aliased drawing tools, and a variety of other features if i were to stop using mspaint.
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and a cool feature would also be zoom feature... have u seen QBpaint and SPRITE16 I like those they are great ones to look at.. but if u can make it so i saves the sprite in a DATA readabl txt file so u can coppy and paste into the code that would be cool..but I think the set sizes are too limiting and user defined are better.....or a choice for all 3...not that we're asking alot :wink: :lol:
Duh! I didn't explain myself vary well then lol.

I ment the biggest size avalible. Of course it's user definable.
And I'll see what I can do about the antialized drawing tools Smile
anti-aliasing for sprites? doesn't seem necessary. o_O
You don't want it?
Ok then I'll trash it.

NO! Tongue I won't. It's no biggie, and you never know if you'll use it.
Besides, somebody told me that he would demand aa if he should start using this program instead of his current. I actually thought that you were the one, but heheh, aparently you weren't Wink
I'm not saying not to do it, its best to include everything you can, but I don't understand why they would use aa for such small images, where you can control every pixel with little hassle.


maybe someone can tell me?

I was surprised though. I thought you actually decided to drop the idea. :lol: <--- thats supposed to be laughter, by the way. O_O
Would that be real-time AA? If so how,QB is very slow. If not could you explain it a little more?
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It's not that slow. AA is not vary slow, it's just a rumor. It *can* swallow up a lot of memory for the Transcluency you gotta use for aa, but not with RelLib which I'm using. No problem.
I meen, it's real time aa, but remember, it's only called when you draw something on the sprite. Uh... is that real time? Anyways it doesn't matter. AA is cool Smile
I think he means like the ability to draw a diagonal line with in automatically interpolating the inbetween pixels so that it looks smooth even in crap resolution. This sort of feature is important in console games and low-res PC game, because it can everything look a lot cleaner.

But you don't do it in realtime. You do it when you're building your sprites. It's possible manually, but much faster with automatic features.

As far as tile size, are you trying to make a sprite builder or a paint program? If a sprite builder, then 32x32 is plenty. If a paint program, then all the way up to... hell... 1024x768. Smile

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