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16001st post...
That's a good idea, getting paid for updates. *Oracle starts thinking hard about going into webdesign*
lol... it must be a big difference in time there!!! casue it's 1:30 am here! lol, well goodnight!!!
Is "sadarse" a word?
In a race between a rock and a pig, don't varnish your clams." -- "Dilbert"
Quote:Is "sadarse" a word?
Yes, but prolly only in UK (& NZ/Oz?) whereas everywhere else it's "sadass". And maybe if 'sadar' is a reflexive spanish verb, it would mean something there too (eg. "usted quiere sadarse? No, no quiero sadar.") but I'll have to let nathan/antoni/hd answer that..

..Or have I completely missed the point of your question? Smile
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?
Yes, "arse" is the correct spelling in Australia.
Americans are stupid-- an ass is a donkey-- an arse is someone's bum!
And a bum is not a homeless guy, that is a tramp... ;P
Ah, the complexities of international linguistics.
But, what I was asking, is, "Can the word 'sad' be slapped on to the beginning of the word 'arse' to make an entirely new word? Or was that word already in use and I just unaware of it?
In a race between a rock and a pig, don't varnish your clams." -- "Dilbert"
oh, get off of it!! You are full of it man... I think sadarse is considered a word here! I know what you mean anyways! Wink But you guys do need to cool it with the negative comments about the US, I take them personally!!! and you don't want to see me angry :evil:
aardvark - isn't that the name of some animal. I think I had read it in some Hardy Boys book a long time ago.

sadarse I think that word already exists. Not too sure...though... :roll:
ass is a donkey, and not pronounced the same as "arse", which is pronounced by putting emphasis on the "r". It's a word in NZ (though slang) and is used in the context of "sore loser".
lol, can someone stop this sadarse conversation??? Tongue and yes, an aardvark is an animal... haven't you ever seen "Arthur" on PBS !!! lol, that's what I get with little sisters Wink
BigBasicQ: An aardvark is a freakish African kinda burrowing animal with a hard, shell-like coating.

UltimateQB: Sorry Tongue, I meant nothing seriously. It's just funny to hear a load of people calling each other donkies...

oracle: In Australia, an 'arse' is a bum or a "dumb"-arse or someone who is generally a bastard... porbably the same in the land of sheep-sha-- New Zealand Tongue.

Oh, and an aardvark was deemed important enough to be put in a Hardy Boys book? What a privelaged animal :lol:
In a race between a rock and a pig, don't varnish your clams." -- "Dilbert"

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