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What do you think of the current logo?
Quote:this design new??? :lol: haha... lol... I don't think so

Note the "This design is *new*. It's revamped from magus's old design... so in a way its old... but its sortof new I guess." in what I said...
Quote:And what the heck are you guys going on about a new design?

Webmasters: no new design please... this site has one of the cleanest designs and that shouldn't be changed. I'm here to read stuff not to view spiffy art and graphic...save that to the game development guys :wink:
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ya, your right... Smile The old site had a white background.... And Jocke you are most definately right to! This site doesn't need anything, the design is clean... yet impresive
I would suggest not a redesign, but more a content update. Those tutorials you have? They've been here for ages, the author can't be contacted, and they're full of spelling mistakes and the like. They need to be replaced. Someone needs to write an article or two etc etc...
ya, but to be compleatly honest, the only reason I come to this site is because of the message board Wink
Well I'm glad you're all finally against the "new design" idea now heh. Frankly I would've just ignored any requests for one anyhow. Wink
lol !!!! Finally some honesty around here! Smile lol, but I can understand... I have to come up with new designs all the time, something I'm not very good with! I code, not great with graphics!

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