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QBNZ updates again
QBasic New Zealand has updated again with 12 new files and a few links plus an all-new reviews section. Check it out at
Dearest, most **DEAREST** Oracle,

WELCOME TO YOU, and God’s fiery all-eternal blessing to you again today, man!!! Big Grin !

As I clearly noticed about your latest update of your QBasic New Zealand website (from July 11, 2003), in the downloads section, while some of the latest sent files — like Moneo’s Utilities and the Dark Woods series (including the graphical remake of Dark Woods 2) by Jocke the Beast himself — are working as properly as they should, at least a couple of file downloads — the new Total Destruction v1.3 and the CURRENTLY NEWEST version of Rellib — do not even work right at all as they do say this:

You are not authorized to view this page

............rather instead of downloading the way they should be. I’ll bet apparently that at least some people were real disappointed by that, actually! Cry

Also, in the “Libraries” section, you have once changed the name of the author(s) of Future.Library from AAP (Adigun Azikiwe Polack) to Michael Rye Sørensen and Jorden Chamid, the true authors, but then you must’ve mistakenly changed it back to AAP again. Now change it back the way it was just like you have corrected the error that I have so clearly pointed to you about from earlier, please, for the *very* benefit of your fellow visitors! Wink

And finally, could you please correct those couple of aforementioned downloads so that they fully work properly? I *deliberately* appreciate your support, and THANK YOU SO TRULY MUCH for your continued respect and cooperation, Oracle!!! Big Grin Wink !!


[Image: AAPMini.gif]
Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow”
Webmaster of the AAP Official Homepage
Official Founder of the “QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Compo”
url=][Image: file.php?id=194][/url]
Your *official* home of the FreeBasic GFX Demo Central, now holding over 150 FB graphics demos so far!!! Big Grin !
Well... I make more mistakes...

Unfortunately GFTP for linux likes changing file permissions on me at a moment's notice, so sometimes I miss them. Thank's for reporting it. As for the authors... I don't know what happened there, but it's fixed now.

So go back, get TD1.3 and RelLib, and port TD to RelLib v4.5 already! (I assume that was your intention Tongue)
I noticed your from NZ...What part of NZ are you in? I myself am in Christchurch...Please don't say your part of John Wanks (Banks), City!
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Nah... I'm from Lower Hutt (LOTR territory).

LooseCaboose who is a regular here is also from Christchurch...

Welcome to the forums! You make 5 NZers by my count.
let's see...

1. Nex
2. Oracle
3. loose
4. darth
5. Another semi-visible MMS member. ;*)

Anyone else?
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Genso's Junkyard:
Mr Moose. But he never comes here anymore.

Who is the MMS guy?
Quote:Mr Moose. But he never comes here anymore.
That's because he changed his nick to Nexinarus Wink
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?
really? damn, you learn something new each day
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Well... :o

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