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Ball Blazing Fantasy released
BBF has been reviewed! Check out the review at HAR-SoftWare (, goto reviews and click BBF) or QBNZ!
Thanx Neo! I really love this stuff.

Still, I would have liked that you have acctually finished the game. I think you would have a bigger perspective of the game and effort I've put into it. And Ball Blaze tournament has a forth arena, which you cannot play in practice mode. You kinda missed that feature. I pointed out that in instructions.

Also the controls are explained in the instructions. And how to play both Ball Blaze and The Quest. So I'm a bit disappointed I got 10% for documentation since I always try to create huge and usually dummy instructions for my games. And the readme.txt file is well compiled and contentfull. I mean when I compare it to others I saw in other QB games. I don't know. I'm just suprised.

Still, the review is very positive and I'm glad you liked the game.

How far in The Quest you got, anyway?
i cant get any sound out of it. but still good game
Quote:Still, I would have liked that you have acctually finished the game
I have done it before reviewing the game, you know, that weekend. So I know what I'm talking about now Smile. Still, it costed me a lot of time to play it out Smile Good man!

About the docs, I searched for specific things like manual, tips, controls, etc. Of which moest I did not find... Anyway, the game itself is splendid Smile
Ok. Glad to know someone went through all of it and was succesfull. Hope you liked the joke on the end(don't reveal it!).
I appreciate you spending your free time on BBF.

Anyway this line confused me:
Quote:About the Ball Blazing Tournament, the football mode, there doesn't seem to be any progression at all, except for the fact you can win this tournament by winning all matches you have to play.

From this I figured you never finished the tour. I know playing against CPU is a bit frustrating and I don't blame you for not finishing it(if you haven't that is) but truth is, there IS a small progression in Ball Blaze tournament.

Ah yes, you CAN pause the game. Just press ESC. Game stops and if you want to continue just press N. That's the same feature in all of my games. And that's why I never added a separate pause button since it's totaly unnecessary.

Heh, I cannot agree with you on the docs again. Sorry. I hope I'm not being a nitpicker. I mean the controls and goal both of Ball Blaze and The Quest are explained in the INGAME instructions while there are tips and problems with running the game explained/debated in FAQ. Among other things, present in that huge FAQ.


It's not my attention that you change the review. I just want to point out some things to you as to a player.
Quote: there IS a small progression in Ball Blaze tournament

Yes I saw it, but I'm the kind of phraser that phrases sentences carefully, take I look: I said 'seems' not 'appears'. So that word implies a small progression yes Smile.

About the pause key, sorry for that, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the readme file. Or perhaps my glasses were just blacked out. Smile

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