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Ball Blazing Fantasy released
Ball Blazing Arcade game with balls featuring two game modes, loads of different graphic, vibrant menus, fun and challenging gameplay and much more. Bunch of stuff you never saw before in KENTAURI's products.

Visit KENTAURI's website( for more info and screenshots.
Hey, this new game is pretty cool Smile If you polish the collision detection a bit it will be an even greater game (ball does not always hit lifeform in the soccer match and the ball doesn't always roll a logical direction)
Dearest, **DEAREST** Lachie,

Hello to you, man, and so wonderful of me to write to you!! Wink !

I have just played your game (Ball Blazing Fantasy), and my I’m telling you, you did a *VERY* good job on it, Lachie, actually to be 100% clear and honest with you!! Big Grin ! On my very first play in the “Quest” mode, I ran into some problems at first glance, BUT, as I explored deeper into the play control of your game, I found out eventually that moving your ball slow and steady is one of the _VITAL_ keys to making it through the levels. Speaking of which, I made it to World #2 and had an overall score of almost 10,000pts., all on that first play in the “Quest” mode indeed! The such dangers that pose a real threat to the player’s ball are the bottomless holes (from World #1) and the red quicksand bogs (from World #2) as a couple of examples, but with slow and careful movements on the player’s part, he/she can guide his/her ball *successfully* through those dangers without slipping up into losing a ball. All the while, there are some obstacles that slow the ball down but are safe to go through like water and even (*gasp!* :o ! ) bubbling mud, for instance.

Overall, you got some pretty good strategy going here, and you got in your hands a real *fine* piece of work so far, Lachie!! Wink ! Nicely done!!

I thank you for your wonderful time, now. Catch you again!!! Cool !


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Looks good, but I suck at it.

I can't control the ball *at all*......
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Great work Lachie! I liked it alot. The Quest-Mode was great fun and also the tournament-mode. The music was also cool (DasBoot rocks!). Sure the ball was quite hard to navigate in the begining but after awhile it became easier.

I think I would rank this as your best game yet. Congratulations!
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Creative SBSIM   Version 2.01
Copyright (c) Creative Technology Ltd, 1991-92.   All rights reserved.

Error - FMDRV couldn't be loaded
Error - CTVDSK.DRV couldn't be loaded
Error - CT-VOICE.DRV couldn't be loaded
Error - AUXDRV.DRV couldn't be loaded

EDIT: Ran sbmidi and now it works...
Peace cannot be obtained without war. Why? If there is already peace, it is unnecessary for war. If there is no peace, there is already war."

Visit to see rubbish in all its finest.
If I just run the exe it crashes with division by 0
if I run the sound batch it crashes by an invalid instruction

Joakim : I was pretty sure I've fixed the "ball to life form" collision in the full version. I will check it again and maybe release a new version with a patch. As for collision in general it's pretty much my limit since I was using someone else collision routine and the implemention of that routine in a real game was not so simple.

Lithium : Err, did you read the readme.txt "Running the game" section? Or just the stuff on my site(bottom of BBF page)? I asume you are using Win2000 or XP. You simply have to allocate XMS memory with a shortcut so you can run the game.

Also, I've learned that you can turn on the MIDI music in Win2000 and XP using a utility called VMD Sound( ) without loading the SB drivers included with the game. But that's what I've heard from another person who succeded in that. I think music is worth hearing. I've picked some mean tunes.

I think the game controls just require some practice. I kinda experienced that myself when I tested the game after a week of not playing it. I sucked.

SBSIM.COM is practicly irrelevant for MIDI routines to work. And even if they were relevant the error messages appearing when you run it are even more irrelevant. I've read that in QMIDI document.

BTW, I've realized I've had few screenshots stashed on my old account which allows remote linking but I can't access that acount anymore. I think the provider policy changed.

[Image: BBF1B.GIF]
[Image: BBF4.GIF][Image: BBF5.GIF]

Thanx for all the comments so far. Smile
I have to say, its pretty difficult Big Grin
LinkMaster Sab
But loads of fun, especially the "soccer" mode Smile

Thanks for the kudos, Lachie!

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