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HAR-SoftWare has been redesigned!
Aw shucks, stop it guys you got me all embarrased :king:

It does mean though that I can't really enter a QBNZ challenge cos I would feel a little silly if I won my own award..

I'd just have to make a really bad entry to make sure I didn't qualify (hey that's a great excuse for when I crash and burn Tongue)
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?
Hah! We know that you're better than your avatar suggests :rotfl:

You can win your own award, because I'm giving them out Smile

And also, even if I only get two entries to a challenge the challenge counts, so you could enter with someone else and you'd definately win something, so are you prepared to risk it? :lol:
Your new design is very pretty. And thanks for my link Wink

But, I dont join your chat platform Smile Because nothing. The link:

ORACLE, thanks for this great site Big Grin byees all Qbasic Forum Members Smile

Sorry, I interest Sailor Moon Smile I owned this site:

But, I back later QBASIC and QBASIC GAMES AND WEB SITES... WAIT FOR ME!!! 8) [/url]
URL=]Qbasic-TR Reloaded...
Where are you going? Smile

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