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1st Anniversary for the AAP Official Homepage
I have faith in you Adigun, FJ will be completed and become one of the greatest QB Games ever! Wink
Technically, FJ is almost finished. Engine and AI is almost done, Sound(by AAP) is done, all AAP needs right now is a boss system, I've toiled with lots of ideas but to lazy to complete it. More so now that my monitor is busted. ;*(

So AAP would lead the way, I'll be here to assist. ;*)

BTW, those new screenies? AAP made ALL of additions to the engine including implementing Mode7. ;*)

I don't know, I made an animator that uses vector interpolation for bosses using a direct XMS blit but I can't work on it as of now. I could only use my computer playing games.

How many games?

I've completed:
1. Ff4,5,6
2. Chrono Trigger
3. Soul Blazer
4. Zelda Link to the past

in 3 weeks!!!

Never miss to play every night for 2 hours max. ;*)

Breath of fire 2 is my current RPG.
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What happened to my comment on Breath of Fire 4? WTF?! Is some mod really so offended by the BLASPHEMY of a 3D game?

am an asshole. Get used to it.
To Richard Eric M. Lope:

Hello and pleasure checking you out again!! ;*) !! About the game “Frantic Journey” (FJ), yes, it is technically done, *largely* in terms of the starting developments of sound, music, and voices, plus some of the Mode-7 effects and what have you. BUT, this game so far is **far** from finished, but we are going as smoothly as ever on the project, _EVEN_ to where we are going to add bosses and even MORE enemies and mega-exciting new features NEVER-BEFORE-IMAGINED in QuickBASIC programming, so let’s *all* touch base together so that we can keep _rather_ close track of what is happening during the continuing developments of FJ.

And hey, if all goes smoothly well in the development of FJ (including getting the high score name entry screen programmed in a unique way and all! Cool ), I ***just might*** release an “Experience Version” of FJ (not a demo version), where you can play the first several stages in order. Also Eric, you are right that this game *DESPERATELY* needs boss system indeed. In the meantime though, I will keep you posted on the coming details of FJ. For now, please savor this:

[Image: FJ%20Pic-3%20(for%20100th%20post).gif]

Thank you so much for your continued support, my ***definite*** man!! Wink !!

To Ninkazu:

Right up front, man, it is *not* your comment on the Capcom RPG called “Breath of Fire IV” that’s the cause of the problem in your last recent post. Look please, if there *is* a blatant problem that is poisoning this news-based thread about my 1st Anniversary special of the AAP Official Homepage, it is that “WTF” remark that you have just wrote down in your post within this *very* thread indeed, in which it is as _UTTERLY_ blasphemous as blasphemous can get (ESPECIALLY since — when abbreviated — it involves the **BLATANTLY FOULEST** use of the four-letter vocabulary that I totally 100% flat-refuse to say, period!!), even in terms of what you write! It’s like, “GET REAL!!”. To be point-blank and dead-on honest with you, Ninkazu, I am tired of EVEN seeing that ugly remark, **especially** on internet-based forums such as this one. I don’t *ever* want you to use that remark again at all, even in complete secret, too, I don’t even care a plummed bit if they use that *exact* same remark at all. PERIOD, AND THAT IS THAT. END OF CONVERSATION. Now show some respect for others in the forum, please. Wink !!

And to Neo:

I thank you that you are 100% encouraging me on the continued development of the “Frantic Journey” (FJ). Just keep up the great work, my man Neo!!! Big Grin !!

See you all again now, and thank you all for your deepest cooperation. Wink !


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Breath of Fire 4...
Never seen it. ;*) But I guess it would be awesome as the first 2 installments of the series....

Dang, BOF2 is hard!!!!!

Shamans and everything, plus this stupid monitor can't display world map locations very well. Arrrrrrrrghhhh!!!
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Genso's Junkyard:
I'm at the very end of Breath of Fire 4, but I think I have to level up about 20 levels, so I kinda put it down for a while.

Trust me, this game rules! (PSX game)
am an asshole. Get used to it.
Does it run on Bleem?

I know, I know, its its faster than VGS. ;*)
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[Image: anya2.jpg]

Genso's Junkyard:
Not on bleem, but ePSXe is pretty good. I dunno, I never really thought it looked good on the computer, only the tv (it's $30, can't you afford that?)
am an asshole. Get used to it.
Nope. I have epsxe and it aint runnin fast. ;*(

Well, as I've said my country sucks on tech. #30 usd could feed a family of 3 here for 15 days. That answer yer question?

A PSX here costs 100 USD. ;*(
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[Image: anya2.jpg]

Genso's Junkyard:

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