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With a laundry-list of new features and a new design, the SIA Open Dev site is better than ever. New additions include:

- FileLocker lets you upload and share files.
- Revamped Project Manager gives you more control than ever.
- Enhanced, user moderated, forums combine the best of threaded and bulliten style boards.
- User system lets your personalize your profile and form development teams.
- Completely dynamic. Site content is controlled by YOU, the user.

A lot of hard work has been put into the site lately, and now we're proud to to say it's finally ready.
Wow, the site really rocks! The forum is really great. I liked it =D
The forum isn't that good... (I've just seen the pre-release version of phpbb 2.2 and it rocks!! Wink)
The forum is threaded(which i personally prefer) and u can click on the icon beside the subject to see the whole message in a small font which impressed me. This makes it a *lot* easier to view a threaded forum =).

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