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Draft forum rules
Quote:I think race discussion shouldn't even need to be highlighted
as a sensitive topic...

But we'll just make it crystal clear, so even earthworms logging on can understand Wink
Hehe, earthworms :rotfl:?

Wildcard I like the rules. But I dont like Oracle's decision that a post containing :rotfl: will be immidiately deleted. cuz emoticons are for describing a person's reaction. So an :rotfl: means I am Rolling On The Floor With Laughter and so on...
Erm ... he meant posts containing just a :rotfl: with no text or anything else at all. You're right in that emoticons are for expressing yourself, but you should have some text to compliment them.
I know. But sometimes you can describe your state only with a :rotfl: without any text. Thats restricting.

BTW will posts containing text like l33t, h34r, m3, r04r will also be deleted 'cause they are not consistent with "normal writing"?
I agree with most of the things being said.

I find it very funny that on this post of all, there are insane amount of rofl emoticons.

I got something that I feel is done in excessive amounts in this forum, which I deem as bad as up there with anger outbreaks : excessive use of the "quote" function.

It's bad enough having to download so much stuff off a 56kb modem without haveing to read someone reply to an entire 500 word post by quoting every 20 or 30 words. 1 quote per reply max in my opinion. 2 maybe.
They are an eyesore, and a pain having to read them again. Can you not go "about the keyhandler" or "aetherfox: make sure you do this and that" instead of quoting the entire post.
If I am the only one who finds this annoying, then faif nuff, I will shut up. But if not, then I would like to raise the voice to the admins. I thought I hinted enough already, but I guess it didn't drop.

I also personally think animated smileys should be removed. There is nothing wrong with writing rofl or ROFL or something like that...animated gifs are horribly maintained in windows, and although I didn't physically notice it, the CPU usage displayed on my sysmon of my shell went up a few percent as the gifs loaded.

Lastly, don't know if this was mentioned, but the replys with jsut smileys that are going to be banned should be extended to posts that quote and go "hahaha" and that's it.

avinash.vora -
Sorry Aetherfox :oops: I know I used 3 rotfl emoticons.

About quoting, it is essential since this board isnt threaded. And I do agree in general excessive use of any function(including moderating :lolSmile must be avoided :bounce:.
4.I believe my post that was a pure emoticon message was funny. =P
5.I think signatures can have a little spam, like mine Wink... and we can occassionally post our website in a thread if it's related to the topic.
6.Agreed. However, this one's gonna get flamed by a lots of people (especially the DAMNED... err,i mean, BANNED)
8.Agreed fully.


1.Agreed, but be nice to us guys with slow servers Wink.

1.Agreed. But please inform people when they have a TEMP ban. I've had quite a few scares because I was malinformed Wink
2.Agreed. HOWEVER, please don't confuse "arguing" with "questioning respectfully".
3.Oh, yeah. Agreed.
4.Agreed. But should say "includes, but is not limited to". And that last sentence can be added to the list of the previous sentence.
5.Kinda harsh, I think. Maybe a permanent ban would suffice. Should depend on the situation. Try talking sense into those kids first. They're usually just misinformed/stupid.
6.Oh, right. Agreed.

EDIT sorry aetherfox, didn't think. also didnt see your message above Wink
You do that just to annoy me?

Admins...I hope you see what I mean.
That was an unnessary waste of space.

BTW seph, I change my mind about you being a mod Tongue
avinash.vora -
Seph, moderator? :x
on quoting, there isnt a technical definition, but you can tell the difference between a quote to comment on and picking apart a lengthy message sentence by sentence to tell a person how wrong you think they are. Quote-fests will probably be acted on, quotes will not.
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