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New competition at Rogue like game
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Oh... I see then. I'll make I run if I find myself on a fork with a direction of Jocke's mouth. :roll: Big Grin

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To all: To descibe what rogue-like is, I quote the author of ADOM:
Quote:Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM for short) is a rogue-like game which means that it is a single-user game featuring the exploration of a dungeon complex. You control a fictional character described by race, class, attributes, skills, and equipment. This fictional character is trying to achieve a specific goal (see below) and succeed in a difficult quest. To fulfill the quest, you have to explore previously undiscovered tunnels and dungeons, fight hideous monsters, uncover long forgotten secrets, and find treasures of all kind.
During the game, you explore dungeon levels which are randomly
generated each game. You might also encounter certain special levels, which present a particular challenge or are built around a certain theme.

For more info, check out some of the links below:
- (download Rogue 1.1 by Jon Lane)
- (a website dedicated to Rogue)
- (play Rogue online)
- (homepage of ADOM, the far most advanced roguelike)
- (website containing alot of different roguelikes for dl)
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Well, I'm working on a game that sounds similar to Rogue.
I'll enter it if I finish it in time. Smile
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Cool. The closing date is March 1.
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7 days before my birthday. Smile
It'll be done by then.
f only life let you press CTRL-Z.
Freebasic is like QB, except it doesn't suck.
The date was moved back to May 1st now, for any of those that care to enter.

rules are here:

all compo information can be found there also.
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