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heres a question... how do you??....
ok, get this...

ive got this bad ass 3d rpg engine... and since forever ive wanted to make a 3d rpg... but now, i cant seam to make crap, i dont like any story i come up with, i dont even want it to have a story, because stories suck... then what is it? and whats going to be the use of making a game anyways? blegh i dunno, anyone else come to this point and just give up on programming in general?
Here's an idea that I was thinking of pulling off. A Street Fighter RPG. There's tons of material... Of course, excecuting that is another story.
how could you possibly give up on something that looks that promising?

have you considered collaborating with someone?
try to find someone else to write you a story or rip from some books or something just dont give up Cry
Don't feel like doing your own story? Do a re-make of another game perhaps. Wink
Nah, dont do a remake.

Books are where it's at if you want to wealth of never-been-done stories. If you hate copyrights, do an old one, like beowolf for something.

Hey, I only recently got back from home, where I didnt have a computer I could do art on. so i'll start on that next bit of free time available.
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inspiration has found me....
I can't see your screen shot. I can write something if you want though...

Smalltown, Kansas. Methamphetamine infestation problem... Cops can't do any good, too clumsy... Citizens can't do anything at all...Too scared, unless you recruit them!
Modern Day Al Capone Taken Down By QB Guru! :lol:

Whatever, can I look at the source code for the engine PLEEEEZE?

...Or you could just help me with the rotation origin points.

For now, I'm just working into the space. I'm having way too many problems with first person as of yet.

Here's a crude (almost caveman like) example of what I'm trying to say...

You have two arrays. Both defined as X,Y,Z. One array is for the World, and the other is for the 3D OBJ's within the world.

So for my question, lets say that...

It's easy to make OBJ(B).X rotate around the World(W).X axis, way out ther in space, but how do you make point World(W).X rotate around the Camera(Player).X axis, as if you were moving around in a room, while calculating in the fact that there is another 3d OBJ that needs a supplementary angle function?

This is probably vague as hell...
Sorry if I've frustrated anyone! :barf:
May I suggest the Demon Witch series by Geoffrey Huntington? Excellent series. New.
f only life let you press CTRL-Z.
Freebasic is like QB, except it doesn't suck.
I only got 404's, and I tried twice (not at the same time)

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