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The official "Post your picture" thread.
The 6-step, eh?
Breakdancing is cool. Smile
f only life let you press CTRL-Z.
Freebasic is like QB, except it doesn't suck.
Quote:nice 12-string. who mfg'd it?

acoustics give me boners. BTW, I don't blame you for getting an academy and modding it -- I think anyone that pays wads of cash for an electric is stupid when 95% of the tone comes from the pickups and the amp.

acoustics are a different story altogether, of course.

Yeah, that's what I think. If I were rich I would pay for the remaining 5% of the tone provided by noble wood and stuff like that. But as long as I have the pickups that I like and the pedals/amp that I like, I'm done. And, btw, sometimes I prefer the "lo-quality" sound. It depends on the music you're gonna do. As long as your guitar plays the tones correctly (bridge and frets are on their place), it's up to you to build its sound.

My blue guitar's pickups allow me to play with a violin's bow ÑEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOHHH - Really cool.

Btw, what's mfg'd?? Big Grin
And yup, the 12 string gives finger-aches and head-aches when you have to tune it Tongue and you don't have a tuner. But it sounds great. I got it second hand for just $70. Seriously, I don't care how much (how little, in this concrete case Wink) a guitar costs as long as I am pleased with it. I am not a purist. I am not a great guitarist as well, so... what if I don't have a Fender Stratocaster original made in USA with the sweat of Jimmy Hendrix?
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians

we come from the same school of thought Wink

Although I get the feeling we might play two very, very different types of music. Do you have anything recorded?

I have a couple things uploaded if you want to check them out.

mfg'd was supposed to be short for Manufactured, I forgot not everyone speaks retarded American shorthand english Wink
[Image: P9nb3NmsoJAAADQPb7k.jpg]

Me & my girl:

[Image: P9n9PtmsoJAAADRFGHQ.jpg]

Me pimpin':

[Image: P9niYNmsoJAAADRnKoI.jpg]

[Image: P9xWe9msoJAAAGgXU-s.jpg]

[Image: P9xWn9msoJAAAGfZlME.jpg]

Me & good old german Beer:

[Image: P9xWUNmsoJAAAGg96HA.jpg]
Sorry guys, I don't have a camera/scanner/anything...

Besides, I already know what you all look like.... I'm the oracle :lol:

Someone post piptol's pic again! :rotfl:

(yes, I know it wasn't real, but...)
Alright, my turn.

[Image: me.jpg]
Quote:Alright, my turn.

[Image: me.jpg]

This is truly... one of the best looking humans on the planet.

The rest of you deserve nothing less than to have your ribcages implode upon themselves while having hot lava injected into your eyes. And THEN having an elephant trample your bodies until they disappear. It shall be your punishment for not having your exterior have such a magnificent appearence has he...

Anyone who disagrees with me shall have their heads burned off in lightspeed.
hate humans and I shall see to it that they all burn.
Er...I'm hoping that's a joke. Meh, you're weird, we all are... 8)
f only life let you press CTRL-Z.
Freebasic is like QB, except it doesn't suck.
Rockuman -- your resemblance to Chris Tucker is frightening.
Quote:Rockuman -- your resemblance to Chris Tucker is frightening.

Hey, yeah! Wink

(let's keep this thread PG, K?)

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