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New Challenges
Post your challenges here and I'll post them once the current challenge is finished.
Okay, here's the one that I sort of suggested earlier, but it's a little simplified:

Make an action game using the 640x480x16 screen mode 12. Flicker is acceptable, but only if it does not seriously inhibit gameplay. The game must have at least three basic controls: left, right, and jump. A gravity force is required to hold the player down. The game is not required to scroll either vertically or horizontally. The player sprite or visual representation must have at least two cels of animation, and there must be a criteria to 'win' and to 'lose' other than running out of time. (Falling off the screen is acceptable) The game must be fun. You may not use a library unless it is pureQB and is to provide a function like mouse control or audio. Audio is not necessary because it often doesn't work on different hardware setups and makes the file sizes much larger.

Gameplay: /10
Visuals: /10
Details: /10
Fun Factor: /10

Total: /40

The due date is November 30th. I intend to enter the contest, but have not begun mine yet. This code illustrates how to directly access the video memory is SCREEN 12:

DECLARE SUB pix12 (vertical%, horizontal%, c%)
   bitfield(0) = 128: bitfield(1) = 64: bitfield(2) = 32
   bitfield(3) = 16: bitfield(4) = 8: bitfield(5) = 4
   bitfield(6) = 2: bitfield(7) = 1

SUB pix12 (vertical%, horizontal%, c%)
   IF (vertical% < 0) OR (horizontal% < 0) THEN EXIT SUB
   IF (vertical% > 479) OR (horizontal% > 639) THEN EXIT SUB
   DEF SEG = &HA000: OUT &H3CE, 4: OUT &H3C4, 2
   P& = vertical%: P& = P& * 80 + horizontal% \ 8
   bit% = bitfield(horizontal% AND 7): bitmask% = 255 - bit%
   OUT &H3CF, 0: OUT &H3C5, 1: B% = PEEK(P&) AND bitmask%
   IF (c% AND 1) <> 0 THEN B% = B% OR bit%
   POKE P&, B%
   OUT &H3CF, 1: OUT &H3C5, 2: B% = PEEK(P&) AND bitmask%
   IF (c% AND 2) <> 0 THEN B% = B% OR bit%
   POKE P&, B%
   OUT &H3CF, 2: OUT &H3C5, 4: B% = PEEK(P&) AND bitmask%
   IF (c% AND 4) <> 0 THEN B% = B% OR bit%
   POKE P&, B%
   OUT &H3CF, 3: OUT &H3C5, 8: B% = PEEK(P&) AND bitmask%
   IF (c% AND 8) <> 0 THEN B% = B% OR bit%
   POKE P&, B%

Good luck. 8)
btw, I'm sick of Guru too. I want to be 'Desert Wanderer', now. Can't you make it so that once we're up to 200 posts we can change it ourselves?
This ones a little harder, but again I have a solution I prepared earlier Big Grin

Write a program in QB that produces its own source code when run. You may not use any of the commands for opening or reading files and all hardware stuff (peek/poke etc) is disallowed. The trivial solution (Blank qb file produces blank output doesnt count as a winner).

My solution is ten lines long, you can make the program as complex as you want but see if you can beat ten lines. :bounce:
esus saves.... Passes to Moses, shoots, he scores!
Well, challenges seem to be quite interesting, so I have made my own...its quite a simple idea really, but possibly challenging for some people.

Make an encryption routine that encrypts a string (inputted by the user preferably), and encrypts it, and if that same routines doesn't decrypt, then a decryption routine. Encryption should be based on a specifiec key/password. But the trick is to have strong encryption. So suppose I type "ttt", then i don't want to see the same letters like "aaa" (assuming "t" encrypted becomes "a"), i wanna see something different each time, like say "ahf" or whatever.

I do NOT have a solution for this yet, and I hope its possible to do Wink hahhahahaha but still, it should be fairly easy. I will try enter myself, but I don't know if I have the time. Deadline is next Sunday, the 22nd if I am correct.
avinash.vora -
Oooh. I did this before for a secret message program. Let's see if I can re-create it... post back l8er.
Just for everyones information, current challenges(ones that are to be solved) are stickies(sp?) the others aren't. I chose to sticky current ones rather than locking old ones, so that people can still post their solutions if they so desire.
Hey Wildcard,
I was just wonderng whether there will ever be any begginner challenges all the seem a bit complex. My coding is not great but I am learning new things all the time Big Grin And I think a newbie challenge would be cool although Im not too sure how many prople will participate, cause most people here are pros :wink:
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mofu: I'll work on a nice one challenging but not requiring intimate knowledge of old specs stuff ;-) I'll post it tomorrow.
My super-easy challenge:
Create a program which is able to calculate PI at at least 10000 decimals. ;-)

Let's see who's good at maths here...

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