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Chef's Secret Recipe
Here's a good image describing this matter from TBBQ's point of view:
[Image: !panda.jpg]
I'm a very complex creature :lol:
Nice cover. I use it often too. Tongue Big Grin :bounce:
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Its not a cover. All my arguments are based on real research and info gained from research papers and discovery channel documentaries. So I have hard facts and evidence :roll:
#35 according to tbbq......i'm weak, dumb, and unadaptable....

I see.

i recommend you take a course in bio, since your facts are horribly inaccurate.

1) The abdomen of a male would have to be specially conditioned (with some type of pouch with special lining to mimic a uterus) in order to create an environment which will support, nurture and protect a baby. Or do you think that the baby is just floating around inside a mother's stomach along with the rest of her guts? A uterus does more than just carry, it nurtures the baby while at the same time keeping out matter which would harm the baby, keeps him at the right temp and stretches to accomodate growth, and after childbirth, can shrink back to almost its original shape.

2)As for doing away with sperm, technically you can. Or have you not read how cloning is done? Dna is extracted from a cell, and injected into an ovum. The dna combines and the ovum begins to divide. In the case of fertization, two ovas can be taken, extract dna from one and inject into the other, implant into a uterus, and you have a kid.

3)As for men handling mental pressure better than women, there is no comparasion here. Men and women handle presure differently. Men tend to contain their emotions, while women will express their emotions, use some outlet for it by crying or whatnot, or thru the use of a support group (friends, gfs, children, family) which comforts them. Men tend to be diagnosed with more stress related illnesses becuz they dont allow outlet for their emotions, since men have been conditioned by society to not express them.

4) Brain size does not determine intelligent, nor does it mean the larger a brain the more convolutions it will have. There are many mammals with large brains and few folds, and smaller mammals with many folds. As for a man being more intelligent than a woman simply because they have a larger brain is just ridiculous. The physical difference between a man's and woman's brain is slight.

5) As for intelligence, what is intelligence? Scientists and educators have not been able to come up with a clear cut answer for this. A theory in education about intelligence that makes some sense is Gardner's multiple intelligence theory, in where there are intelligences such as musical, artistical, reading/writing, speech, mathematical, etc. Albert Einstein is considered to be one of science's greatest geniuses, but when he was young, he didnt speak before he was 3. By modern standards he could have been considered a retard. However he possessed other skills, especially mathematical, which made him a genius. Same things occurs with musical and artistic prodegies.

6)Females tend to be more inclined towards liberal arts, literature and educational roles because of society and because they are mentally orientated towards that. Which men only use Broca's area for speech, women use both Broca's and another area of their brain when they speak, making women more gifted in terms of words.

7)Females now in the Western hemisphere tend to graduate with Master degrees, make up a higher percentage of college population, are obtaining more highend jobs (CEOs, managerial, etc) even tho in some cases they continue to earn less than their male counterparts.

But hey what am i saying, according to tbbq i'm dumb. :roll:

and you've lost my respect. - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

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whoa, that was quite a bit of useless text you've put in there =P. I recommend you take a very good course in bio. Since I have already. As stated in my previous posts all my statements are backed up by facts and actual scientific data collected by thousands of scientists all over the world. So I am not making up things.

1. Havent you heard about ectopic preganancy? It was very risky way back in '99. But now its not that risky. I have searched the internet about it but none of the sites have got good info about it. It can be mimicked in a man to bear a child.

2. How cute. Everything shown on TV isnt correct. What they havent told the public is that cloning actually causes DNA corruption. So every generation of clones will have huge amounts of errors(they dont show up in first few generations). So you would have an utterly useless population full of deformities. And no evolution either Wink.

3. Again, i have stated in my previous posts that it was thought that crying/expressing anger is a better way of handling it but new facts have shown that this is not so.

4. Yes brain size does. Again refer to my previous posts. It has been proved that more neurons, more surface area of the brain means more intelligence.

6. I agree on that. The cerebral hemispheres in women are better connected by the corpus callosum (the bundle of white fibre) which allows information from one part of the brain to get to the other part quicker. But thats it. It just allows faster access to words(other parts of the brain). Nothing more special about it.

7. Yes, I agree on that too. But the health risks involved are far greater.

I thought I was speaking statistically so why the sour mood? Lemme guess a mood swing?
Don't you just love 'em. =|
Peace cannot be obtained without war. Why? If there is already peace, it is unnecessary for war. If there is no peace, there is already war."

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Quote:Don't you just love 'em. =|

what do you mean?
I knew you'd ask. Big Grin

I was referring to this:

Lemme guess a mood swing?
Peace cannot be obtained without war. Why? If there is already peace, it is unnecessary for war. If there is no peace, there is already war."

Visit to see rubbish in all its finest.

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