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Chef's Secret Recipe
Quote:7. Yes, I agree on that too. But the health risks involved are far greater.
What does that have to do with it? Wtf?? Weirdo. Tongue

In regards to #2, the statement was about what CAN be done, not about what SHOULD be done. Cloning is a very dangerous science with our rudimentary understanding of DNA and will continue to be so for generations to come.

And no...brain size does not mean more intelligence. Look at whales. Look at elephants. Both have tremendous massive brains. Both are exceptionally stupid. Look at dolphins. Look at pigs. They have far smaller brains and are FAR more intelligent.

There is no wrong or right way of expressing one's emotions. You have to release your emotional buildup somehow. This is why I am often seen as an angry person...I beat the mental conditioning that says that "men must harbor their emotions"...I wear my emotions on the outside Big Grin I won't harbor them like most men do...I'll explode in your face. If the words in my posts over the last few years aren't proof of that, I don't know what is. Big Grin Crying may not be the best way of letting it out, but it IS a way of letting it out. Men tend to have different ways of letting it out, such as washing their car, beating up other men in a good game of football...or beating the living shyte out of their wife, kids, and the family dog. Actually, this is why there is a far wider gap in the amount of domestic violence...since men are conditioned to hold it all in, eventually they snap and take out all that pent up aggression on others...and the easiest prey are their wife and kids. Women have already dealt with the emotions, hence why there are far fewer female domestic abusers. Doesn't mean there are none, and I can tell you a horror story or two about women I've been with who've been very violent. But later for that.

And that was quite the low blow at the end, dude. You were going good until that point. That was just plain low. Sad And for the record...Rhiannon and I are both VERY schooled in biology. Rhiannon was in pre-vet in Mayaguez, the most prestigious medical college in the Carribean, and I was a Harvard Medical Journal fanatic for six years and worked as a medical transcriptionist for quite awhile.
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I think every men vs. women ramblings are useles, outdated and stupid. We are equal legally, and that's what matters. If one person discriminates somebody only because the gender, that person is just nuts.

The bodies are adaptated to follow the hominid roles. Women are designed to give birth and take care of children, men are designed to bring food. Luckily, we are not in Stone Age, and our intelligence has taken over our instincts. Now men can take care of children (and we love it) and women can bring food (and they love it). Therefore, any men vs. women rambling is stupid.

Simple logics.
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I love taking care of children Big Grin only problem is that the child's usually attached to a woman with a corn cob up her arse. Sad Hence why I decided to never again get involved with a woman who already has children...there's always going to be that difference. If Rhiannon and I ever have children, it'll be our own and we'll be equal parents, unlike when you kinda walk in on a relationship and a child comes with it. You're never going to be seen as the child's father, no matter how much you do for that child, and both the child and the mother can use the good old weapon known as "you're not the father!" and be correct about it. It's a lose-lose situation for the guy. And yeah...again, I speak from experience. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Quote:Luckily, we are not in Stone Age, and our intelligence has taken over our instincts. Now men can take care of children (and we love it) and women can bring food (and they love it). Therefore, any men vs. women rambling is stupid.

Simple logics.

Well said, too bad some people cant accept that. - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

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In relation to the "brain size" issue, your "brain power" (I think this means the absolute smartest you could get, which most humans of course never achieve) is not only related to the volume of your brain and the number of folds, but I think it's related to the 2/3rd power of your mass also. (This I can barely remember from last year's biology lessons - there's probably a formula out there if someone's bored enough to google it).

Thus whales with a bigger brain are actually quite stupid, and squirrels (who have a bigger relative brain size than us) are still not as smart as us.
Ahhh.. I came in a bit late... =D

Ado: Great cooking instructions. Must try em sometime Wink :rotfl:
Quote:I recommend you take a very good course in bio. Since I have already.
Quote:I know my biology very well. Academically speaking I got 96% in my bio paper in highschool. I havent had bio since then =P

Well first off, its good to know that you have such an excellent grounding in biology. I also did biology in highschool, so I guess that puts us on an equal level ;-).

Quote:Havent you heard about ectopic preganancy? It was very risky way back in '99. But now its not that risky. I have searched the internet about it but none of the sites have got good info about it. It can be mimicked in a man to bear a child.

Ectopic pregancies are very risky. Most ectopic pregnancies never result in birth, a few result in the death of the mother because of severe internal haemoraging when the organ the child is developing in bursts. It is /speculated/ to be possible to induce an ectopic pregnancy in a man, however it has never sucessfully been achieved. Although you may be referring to this man:, however this has been debunked as a hoax, which you can read about here: and here:

Your theories on brain size and intellegence are also wierd. Brain size does not determine intellegence. Some studies have shown that ratio between brain and body size can influence behavioural complexity: The amount of cortical folding appears to be nothing more than a relation of brain size, larger mammals have larger amounts of cortical folding. Again cortical folding doesn't seem to influence behavioural complexity (intellegence), you can read about that here:

As for this:
Quote:Baking is for girls not for men!
Cooking is considered as a female job.
Thats because men(inherently) are superior to women
Quote:BTW I am not a sexist.

You may as well have said "Im not racist, some of my best slaves are black". Whether you consider yourself sexist or not, you have proven that you are. Just out of interest, do you get on well with females in general (friendships and relationships)?

Also, when you discuss your "hard facts" could you cite some weblinks or books or something to back yourself up, otherwise it sort of looks like you are just making stuff up.
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Well said Loose.

Come on TBBQ, you're a sexist pig :rotfl: admit it.

I haven't seen one post that agrees with you in this matter.

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