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QBasic Station Update
One download was added: the code for a high score list, custimizable and fully commented for easy understanding.
As well a quick reference was added to the Advanced Tutorial: error codes and their messages. Includes tons of help when writing error handling code. You can visit the QBasic Station at:
I liked the submitted tutorials section.

I just read Vic's tutorial #22:

I love it!
Peace cannot be obtained without war. Why? If there is already peace, it is unnecessary for war. If there is no peace, there is already war."

Visit to see rubbish in all its finest.
Heheh - that's the one Vic hated himself for making. But it was the one I enjoyed most, ironically. Tongue
f only life let you press CTRL-Z.
Freebasic is like QB, except it doesn't suck.
Aga, totally agreed. Its awesome!

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