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Make your QB .EXE files up to 16 Megs in size (tutorial)
I checked. When you try to compile for OS/2, there a lib file it needs that it can't find. Same with my copy.
The installer isn't recognizing disk 2. I formatted each with label "disk 1", "disk 2", etc... What labels are they supposed to have?
Leave disk 1 in when it asks for disk 2 the first time (do the same for disk 3 and 4 as well...)
Darn. Under Windows XP I get "This program cannot be run in DOS mode." In 98 a window pops up saying "This program was not designed to work with Windows or MS-DOS."

I guess Windows can't run OS/2 progs.... lets all migrate to OS/2!!! Protected mode QB programming! No more 640k barrier! Who's with me?

*cricket* *chirp* *chirp*


BTW: Doesn't it seem odd that 98 was programmed to specifically recognize OS/2 executables and complain about them?
Win2k can. Me and v1ctor once started a project to stub os2 console programs and replace all the apis calls by a emu lib. We never could be bothered to do much on it. But it's possible, infact this is what one of the ultima games did. So that way you could use up to 4 gb using 286 pmode which sort of sucks but its better then real mode.
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You are building an fantastic reference for QB there...
I have a copy of Microsoft KB articles for QB with a search engine someone did bak in the 90's.
I can upload it somewhere if you want.
Be warned the search engine fails if you search article texts in W2000 (and probably XP). You can only search headers....
Thanks, Antoni. I have what you are talking about: Dav pointed me to it a while ago. I will uploading it as well.

My goal is to have a good resource site with technical documentation and whatnot. But this will go slow Smile
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*prepares to get flamed for replying to an 'old topic'*

Hey na_th_an, thatis a nice tutorial, but instead of getting people to learn the switches and all that for BC and LINK, maybe you should update your tutorial to use BPP Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin (shameless plug).

BPP handles all that for you so you just specify in your source code via meta statements the overlays, libraries, etc.


'$Overlay: 'overlay.obj'
'$Module: 'module.bas'
'$Object: 'object.obj'
'$Library: 'vbdcl10e.lib'

etc, etc.

Anyway, it provides meta statements for all the BC and LINK switches so you don't have to remember them. It also generates the command lines to compile all modules (specified by '$module) and link everything together. Further, the modules inherit the compiler options of the parent unless they override them directly.

You should take a look at it and encourage people to use it for projects.
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