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#1 has now changed hosting (again, not for negative reasons this time though). Along with the server change we have added many additional features onto the site, and will be adding more as we go.

Now at qbtk you will notice many changes since your last visit. We decided that as a site, we needed to expand our content to grow, so, that's exactly what we have done.

At the new qbtk you will find: - A site that will host your programs/screenshots for 7 days, allowing you to use it as a method to distrubute your programs when hosting is not available to you.

Frontpage - We decided to conform and become more like the average site, and have a front page. This front page contains links to all the forums, the newest news posts, and links to other sections of site.

Articles/Reviews - Soon, we will have many reviews and articles written about almost anything qbasic, and generally putting a humorous touch on things. Hopefully, people will find these entertaining as well as educational.

Admin Corner - We need to speak sometimes also. In this section of the site you can find stories, articles, comments, rants, or random posts by the qbtk team.

Hopefully these additions and other additions we are still working on adding in will help make qbtk a major qbasic resource.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and I hope you enjoy all the additions.

-QBTK staff
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Great work guys. is getting better, bigger and more "advanced" for each month....great progress so far.
Keep at it!
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