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Atosoft QB
I am basically a one ma programming group - my friend hasn't programmed in months, except in VB, but it doesn't help me w/my large 3D project......
I am going to always keep my site active - i get it for free and have unlimited everything:bandwidth, memory, etc.
I really don't care if no-one else in the group programs - they just won't get any credit for any of my stuff.....
HQSneaker recently joined, but i don't have anything for him to do yet - he hasn't done any 3D stuff as far as i know, so i gave him sum tutorials then when hes done, he can start helping

I updated the site, but don't have the Uploads stuff perfected - im working on it, tho

adosorken Wrote:Everyone and their grandmother dreams about "running the show", but it takes a lot more than just throwing up a phpbb forum with a fancy skin and a few mods to even begin to create the show in the first place. Big Grin

Funny...that sounds a lot like your "Basic Network" Tongue

I'm not sure whether that was satircal or serious. - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

-Goddess of the of the No More Religion Threads movement Smile
Does it matter?
I got rid of the forum (and the crowd cheers)
It was a waste of happens

I can't get my upload.php script to work, so im going to set it up, so u e-mail me the prog, I post it.......if anyone can get me a desecnt upload script, that'd b awsome

Alright Al, I haven't programmed in a long while now. But I have always said that I would program for you if you had something specific for me to do. Repetitively I have offered to at least help with the site. I've been going into other interests. And I did show you where to get a few of my programs.

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