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The new AAP Official Projects Squad has just been raised!
Quote:Bring it on, ‘cause I am *aggressively* serious about it!!
Or is hi's compo, with (what I've heard/read) only one contestant more important then something that has had 18000 hits? (remember when AAP's site had 2000 hits... well.. I guess it's around 2500 now.)
o my eyes and see the darkness, ohh you wretched dogs!

Actually yesterday his site has many hits :lol: It's the reason why he closed the forum.
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The site is down?
To all:

My site has been down for over an hour and a quarter now ( Cry ). Normally, it would come back on after an hour at the most, but something is up on that. :-? ! Also, my compo forums were *NEVER* even intended or designed to attract spammers. EVER! Rather, it was _ORIGINALLY_ meant to encourage QB programmers to create something good, clean, fresh, and positive in QuickBASIC/QBasic. That was all. Smile

I can remember on my forums from last night that the overall number of total views of one of my rules went from 128 to OVER 400!!! That was NOT supposed to happen too soon, because normally in around 1½-2 years time, that *would* have been acceptable, but ONE (1) DAY?! Something is DEAD-wrong with that ( :mad: ). And to make matters even worse, the record number of users on my forumboard went from 6 to around 88, ALL IN ONE SINGLE DAY! Apparently, that is the work of so many spammers viewing the site and running and running up the bandwidth (and *NONE* of it was even my fault at all, by the way!). You know what, I do not know whoever or whatever had caused it, but something has GOTTA give, let me tell you. And finally, it was I believe the *wisest* move I have ever made from last night when I have totally locked the forums up! Big Grin !!

Hopefully, my projects site WILL come back on again (apparently in the next several hours or so), so keep on checking back please to make sure. Big Grin

Talk to you later.

- Adigun Azikiwe Polack
One of the Founders of “Aura Flow”
Continuing Developer of “Frantic Journey”
Current Developer of “Star Angelic Slugger”
Webmaster of the all-new “AAP Official Projects Squad”

P.S. My confidence and dilligent persistence on believing for my site to come back on HAS FINALLY paid off, because at 6:13pm EST, I found out for myself that the site JUST came back on again!! Well how about that? Big Grin !!

N E V E R • F O O L • W I T H • M Y • W R I T I N G .
It is my *well-known* trademark, so please learn to get used to it now. Wink
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Your *official* home of the FreeBasic GFX Demo Central, now holding over 150 FB graphics demos so far!!! Big Grin !
Quote:And I know everyone except you AAP is going to read this thread and understand it...and you will read this, ignore what I say, form a conclusion outside of the intention, post some ridiculous context-laden response which has little to nothing to do with what I just said, and everyone involved will be none the wiser.

That's exactly what happened!
You must be psychic :wink:
Quote:Rule nr 43532 on Z!re's forum: No diabetics!
I'm borderline, do I count? Big Grin

Quote:Is the cross an OK symbol? To me it stands for inhumane suffering and slaughtering of thousands of people in the roman empire.
That's what it means to me too, but to some people, it means something else. Just like the pentacle has special meaning to some christians (being the symbol that represented the five wounds of Christ, a symbol which they borrowed [read: stole] from earlier earth-based religions), the cross means many things. To me though, it means the same as it means to's an insult, a display of inhuman acts of brutality and terror, and, quite frankly...overwhelming "sin".

Quote:But I guess I don't count, because AAP is doing something valuable for the qmunnity by having his "compos".
One does not gain "worth" by running a restrictive compo, or pumping themselves up. One gains worth in the Qmunity by giving the people what they want...entertainment, good advice, assistance with their problems (and I mean real assistance, not the "Word Of God"), and tolerance.

Quote:Ohh, and BTW, seeing as my Novix forum is a bit slow, can I have my own forum here? AAP got one, didn't he?
I thought we all agreed to let the past stay in the past?

Quote:Ohh the joy of knowing that some people are treated differently just because they are special and important, and have an important compo.
A compo is important when it is well-established, draws massive positive attention, focuses on real-world goals, has clear winners and impartial judges, and is able to compensate people for the time away from their normal lives which they took to compete in that compo. This is why compos on RPGDX are always highly successful. As before, I predict that the number of entrants into AAP's compo will be less that we can count on a single hand. However, it is his compo, and if he wants to moderate it into non-existence, then that's his problem, not ours. Besides, we (@TBN) already have the best compo in the Qmunity going on right now, complete with actual real-world prizes with actual monetary value that go far beyond something that you can whip up in PSP in five minutes or less.

Quote:That's exactly what happened!
You must be psychic Wink
I just know the human mind exceptionally well. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Lighten up, guys. You don't have to be antireligious if you're nonreligious. Just like you don't have to be anti-atheist if you're non-atheist. I'm Catholic and my roomate's atheist and we kid about it all the time. Tolerance means not getting upset when a person bides by his/her beliefs, not removing differences you may have at all.

On another note, Adigun, I think the problem is that ginormous 165k top banner you have. People like to browse around forums, so if your forum is large, it's going to suck up a lot of bandwidth. I'll see what I can do about shrinking, I'm sure it's not impossible, but you might have to go with a simpler image if you want that forum back up.

EDIT: Here, reducing the quality a little doesnt diminish that my naked eye can see, and it's only 65k now. Not perfect, but it'll save you 100k per page view.
I'm plenty light here. Big Grin As far as religion goes, I am a combination of Atheist, Christian, and Pagan, as well as none of them at the same time (I follow the word of Christ [hence Christian], yet I do not believe in God [hence Atheist], and I revere nature as the supreme force of this universe [hence Pagan]). I just think that some people are forgetting that we all agreed to drop it some time ago and never bring up the "old problems" again...but that aside...tolerance is about accepting the fact that others have their own beliefs. Getting upset is human nature, unfortunately...and it is difficult to not get upset when someone's insulted your religion in an overwhelming show of intolerance. It's got nothing to do with being anti-religious or's got everything to do with being ignorant. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
I'm not anti-religious. AAP is. AAP is anti-all the religions that are not his odd interpretation of Christianism.

*that's* my problem.

IMHO, everyone who enters the compo agrees with the rules, so disses Islam, Hinduism, Buddism, etcetera as well.

200 people were killed in my country because of religious integrism and fanatism. I simply can't get along with any source of religious fanatism. Some of the rules (wizards not allowed, "good luck" not allowed, "fear" not allowed) are somewhat funny and great for a good laugh, but some others are completely insulting.
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Quote:And to any Admin:
You keep warning people for "jumping" AAP, when all we do is point out his absurd stupid, and sometimes totaly braindead rules (my opinion, and if you think of it, it's prolly close to your own opinion as well, I do appologize however or I'd get a warning)
"Most" of the forum/qmunity has a problem with AAP's forumboard/rules, yet you allow him to post?

We can't stop anyone posting because *you* have a problem with it. However, you guys shouldn't really jump on him *here*. This isn't the place to discuss whether the cross is evil or not, the debate and discussion forum is that place.

Quote:Like Nath said, peace symbols, and various religious symbols, are classified as evil? Not everyone is a christian you know.

He hasn't said that here. It's only an opinion he has at his site, so again there's nothing we can do.

Quote:Maybe rename QBN to "All Christian ForumBoard for the QBCaliberCompo"?

That's completely unwarranted. He hasn't done anything *wrong* here. You're allowed to post about Novix, why can't he post about his compo? If you've got an issue or two with his rules, you either PM him or do it where it's supposed to be done, at his forum.

Quote:Seeing as Christianity/the Cross is the only thing allowed on AAP's forum I find it highly insulting.

Then complain about it at his forums. Besides, there's nothing illegal or even immoral about a voluntary competition allowing only the cross to be allowed. You're just getting offended to try and prove your point. But again, he hasn't done it *here*.

Quote:That you as admins would allow something like that to be posted?

His rules would disappear if they were posted here, and you know that. Stop trying to make us look bad because we won't bend rules for you.

Quote:If I posted a link to a site, where there was a link to a childporn site, would that be ok?

No. Because we've got a responsibility to prevent the younger members from seeing such illegal material (and possibly older members as well, depending on what country you're in).

Quote:Or, if I posted a link to a site where I showed a picture of my dead cat, which btw, was burned and runned over by a truck?

Probably not again. But *again*, linking to his rules isn't against any rules here! It's a voluntary competition!

Quote:You don't have a problem with AAP?, good for you.
But I have a problem with his forum and it's rules, and his compo and it's rules.
But I guess I don't count, because AAP is doing something valuable for the qmunnity by having his "compos".

Your opinion on this matter doesn't seem to count here according to you - only because he hasn't broken any rules. You're opinion is better expressed in PM or somewhere other than here.

Quote:AAP splits the community, he makes people upset, and he's ignorant. What do you have to do to be banned?

Being ignorant isn't a crime, neither is making people upset. And he only seems to split the community because you take offense to him. What you have to do to be banned is break rules.

Quote:Ohh, and BTW, seeing as my Novix forum is a bit slow, can I have my own forum here? AAP got one, didn't he?

No. And we're not going down that road, either.

Quote:Last time I "went up against" AAP, I got a warning, for what? A post, simillar to this one, which you removed though. I even copied it and sent it to a few people just in case you would ban me.

Without remembering the full circumstances, I'm guessing that your post probably insulted Adigun in such a way as to break rules.

Quote:Ohh the joy of knowing that some people are treated differently just because they are special and important, and have an important compo.

Oh, the joy of knowing that some people try to bend the rules to get their own little way because they're offended by something that isn't even here.

Quote:I seriously DOUBT that AAP's compo is important for the "continued prosperity" of the qmunnity.
I'm AFRAID that it only hinders people from progressing.

Whether it is important or not is completely irrelevant. If you're afraid that it hinders people, why not make a website dedicated to slandering the compo? That's your right. Just don't do it here.
One of the rules here, if memory serves, is to be generally respectful of other people. In AAP's defense, he hasn't really broken this rule yet (outside of his insults to seph in the News section a couple of months back, which I took care of personally), but let's face it...he DOES encourage this kind of behavior, and he DOES provoke people in subtle ways. While this does not directly break any forum rules, it indirectly breaks rules by leading to problems down the road. You can talk till you're blue in the face about how it shoudn't cause problems, but reality speaks much louder. Big Grin The only real thing you can do is just ignore AAP. The problem won't go away, but at least you won't be on the receiving end of the backlash that will come from the problems that happen. You have to pick your battles more effectively, and fight the fights which need to be fought. This particular issue isn't remotely worth the time of anyone here.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.

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