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QBChat v1.0 released!
It's going to go nowhere. Attach QB to a product name, and no one who's got even a shred of sanity is going to dish out even a single copper coin for it. In addition, with the vast majority of computer users either in Windows or Linux, any hackups or even pure DOS-based TCP/IP products do very poorly. This is why the makers of Arachne have toyed with the freeware concept for many years, as it just doesn't bring the profits they expected.
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I completely agree. You are asking for money offering a product that won't work on most computers. It may be a cool program/library, but out of the QB community it will have no use, for the simple fact that 99.9% of Windows users don't know how to run MSDOS stuff properly, plus the fact that they can get a similar, flashy, working and trustable program for windows FOR FREE.
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