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QBW v1.1
hey all, this is an update on QBW. it fixes some bugs, adds some features. there will be another update later. the next one will be a big one, hopefully closer to finished. i'm releasing this one b/c the last one was just too incomplete.
BETTER! Keep going, good work.

Though annoyin is that it opens qbasic window each time I press F5 and leaves it open, and when I press F5 again, it opens new qbasic window. Also after pressing f5 it would be nice if you'd set new window to front(qb ide) for that matter, not leave it behing qbw
QBGuru, i didn't know on some computers it would open behind QBW, as on mine it opens in the foreground. others i have talked to had this result, too, not yours. i'll write it down as something to keep in mind in the next version, tho. thanks. Smile
toad you should ask for beta testers for your s/w so such bugs are quickly identified and fixed quickly =).
Ello. isn't this project going on anymore Cry too bad, it seemed so promising...
... I really thought this was a new update, until I saw your post Sad
damn it! vongodric start a new topic. I too got excited >.< but alas was disappointed =(
euhm... why dont you just make it yourself...
url=]CopyPasta[/url] - FilePasta
i have to get the inspiration(a.k.a time) yet =D.
Umm... then why do you have time to post here, but not to make a new thread? Tongue

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