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Pete's QBasic Site is back!
It's gotta be the browser then, not the server or connection speed.

I'm going to do a Google search and see if anyone else has this problem with their site. There might be something wrong with the CSS or HTML that makes it more prone to getting screwed up.
Pete's QB Site:
I just thought I'd let you guys know that I've done some big updates at Pete's QB Site in the last few days:

(1) I just uploaded around 150 more QB tutorials to my site, though I haven't yet gone through them and indexed them on the Tutorials page. If you'd like to see the raw files, they're right here:

(2) I created the "Zines" section, an online collection of all the QB magazines I can find..

It's basically an easier-to-access and indexed version of Barok's QB mags archive he released last year... with a few new magazines added.

(3) Also, I am searching for all of the QB magazines that I know about that have disappeared over the years. They include "Razor Diskmag", "QB Voice", "Qubed", "VSNews", "QuickBasic Insider", "QB Gamer Magazine", "Basic Pro", "Basic Code Cache" and "Basic Magazine". I've sent a lot of emails... you can find out about my latest progress at this thread:

If you guys have copies of any of these magazines, or know anything about them, be sure to let me know!

Allrighty, I'm out. I've gotta get off this computer... I've been working on my tutorials collection and listening to Club 977, the All-80's Internet Radio Station, for the last four hours. Wink
Pete's QB Site:
Pete: The links for my tutes like "meteor.bas" ain't workin'.
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Genso's Junkyard:
Allrighty, I'll take care of that.

Thanks for letting me know!
Pete's QB Site:
I have completed the Tutorials Section revamp! There are now 315 QB tutorials on my site.

You can view it here:

Here's the News I just posted on my front page:

Quote:315 QB Tutorials Now Available!
That's right! Three-hundred and fifteen tutorials. After spending hours upon hours over the last three weeks collecting and indexing QB tutorials from all over the Internet, I am proud to unveil my revamped QBasic / QuickBasic tutorials section.

This is by far the largest QB tutorials archive available anywhere. The second largest tutorials archive, at, has only 80 tutorials available. (They do, however, have some tutorials that I don't have in my archive.)

Currently, the tutorials are split over three sections: Beginners, Pete's Tutorials (with just four tutorials I wrote in 1998), and the Main Tutorials Section, which houses over 200 of the tutorials.

The Tutorials section is far from done, though. If you know of any tutorials that are not available in the archive, please submit them. Eventually, I plan on searching through all of the QB magazines that are available and adding the tutorials from them. I also plan on making the archive more organized so that it's easir to find what you're looking for. Tell me if you have any suggestions on how to do that. (Once Google indexes this new section, organizing it might end up being irrelevant anyway.) Smile

Anyway, enjoy the new tutorials! I'm sure they'll help someone!
Pete's QB Site:
There was a very nice update to the QB Zines section today.

I got in contact with Danny Gump of VirtuaSoft, and he sent me copies of all the issues of VSNews, a QB magazine he ran between August 1998 and January 1999. I was really happy to get ahold of these, as they have gone missing from the Internet for years.

You can read the issues at:

I am still looking for issues of the other missing QB mags, so if you've got any info on the ones listed at the bottom of the page... below VSNews... let me know!

Pete's QB Site:
I have added yet another QB magazine to my archive. 19Day (over at the NeoBasic board) sent me a copy of the one issue of Razor Diskmag that was produced.

I have uploaded it in its original format, and also converted it to HTML so that you can read it in your browser.
Pete's QB Site:
Great work, Pete! Smile
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Great ezine, Pete. I haven't experienced any of the problems with 800x600 resolution other people are talking about (I never run anything in 1024x720, it's just too small-- though the way web design (but not Pete's site) is going, I might have to get my eyes to adjust). As the progenitor of the ill-fated "QBasic ezine" thread, I have to say it's good to see someone doing what I gave up on Smile.

PS: The 'zine downloaded quite fast on my 33k connection. I don't think dial-up users really need to beware until this thing gets a few times larger than it is now.
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