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AtosoftQb Back In Action!
Oz has redone the AtosoftQB site. You can visit it at here.

Most of it is still in progress, but should be up in a few days.
I guess I was too soon to speak. My server is slowly going downhill and will no longer be up in a few short months.

Does anyone have or know of a server that supports PHP and is free?

As I put on the gaming forum, you could probably use Wildebeest. Tim probably wouldn't be too concerned, especially if you kept most files in your other storage. You could even use my Wildebeest account if you don't want to ask Tim for one. Please stop redoing the site, pick a form and stick with it!

P.S. Hopefully I'm not working all next week so I can get time to get out to your place, k?
You could always ask SumoJo (or Zap)

There's also Rhiannon and Nek (

If you're lucky one of them will hook you up.
Oracle at QB New Zealand hosts a lot of QB sites too.

Then there's Marcade's, but I'm not sure if you wanna put your site there. Marcade has been known as a control freak, and most of the older sites have been deleted.

I believe Hulla-Baloo also hosts QB sites, though I couldn't tell you for sure. They host V Planet! but I'm not sure if it's open to other sites.
Pete's QB Site:
Sumojo has been nice enuf to hook me up.

Thank you all, though, for your help

My site was hosted on zext for 2+ years and never had any problems with Marcade. He goes through every couple of years and deletes the abandoned sites.
Quote:My site was hosted on zext for 2+ years and never had any problems with Marcade. He goes through every couple of years and deletes the abandoned sites.

Heheh... I guess I don't like because I'm a pack rat who doesn't want anything on the Internet to ever be deleted. Smile

While I was creating my new QB links section (the largest on the Internet, currently with 316 links), I found about 15 broken links that used to be hosted at I guess I don't understand why Marcade takes down these sites, even if they're abandoned... They're usually only a couple of MB each and his server is huge and empty. If I were him, I'd just keep them up. They're a valuable resource to the QB community. If I had enough space, I would gladly host those sites on my server, even if they were never updated again.

I guess that's just me though. Maybe I should become a librarian.
Pete's QB Site:

It seems, since we are between servers, we are temporarily @ our old tripod site, which is updated at least once every week or two.

I'll keep everyone posted on updates and stuff

My old site,, now redirects to the tripod site.

I apologize for the annoying ads.

I have finally moved to a semi-perminate residence @ digitalblackie.

Im redoing the site [again], with PHP upgrades for some fun stuff

I'm going to start another forum, but b4 the community starts an uproar, its just going to b a forum, like VPlanet's, or Jocke's. Nothing fancy.

So, here is the now official link:


Edit: The site, itself isn't complete, so don't try to register or anything like that...

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