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Possible Project Team
Syn9 is getting a team together to work on a possible 3d RPG project or to work on ZeroG2 using UGL. If you would be interested in collaborating on one of these projects, you can email Syn9 at
I may have the time to contribute here. :*)

So shoot!!!
Big Grin
y smiley is 24 bit.
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Genso's Junkyard:
syn9: you have mail. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
have you decided whether to an RPG or ZeroG2 yet?
That's great news, if you're serious then i think you should work closely with us to get the most out of µGL and assure that there won't compability problems. Here's a list of new features since 0.21.

build 0.24b
        - High res modes work on all cards but ATI radeons now,
          even voodoos. Up to 640x480x16 will work where it hasn't

        - Long filename support where possible

        - uglTriTG & uglTriTPG: affine & perspective correct
          texture-mapped and gouraud-shaded triangles (man,
          what a long name :P)

        - uglSetLUT: used to define the color Look Up Table
          used by uglTriTG & uglTriTPG in 8-bit modes

        - uglPalBestFit: searches for the nearest color in a

        - uglPalFade, uglPalFadeIn, uglPalFadeOut, you probably
          can guess by the names :P palette fading in accurate
          time, no matter the cpu where them are used

        - uglBlit and uglBlitMsk: draws just part of a source
          DC onto a destine DC

        - uglBlitScl and uglBlitMskScl: same as uglBlit, but with
          scaling (Warning: source coordinates are not checked)

        - uglBlitFlipScl and uglBlitMskFlipScl: same as uglBlitScl,
          but doing flipping too (we'll break QB's function
          names max length soon :P)

        - uglBlitRotScl and uglBlitMskRotScl: same as uglBlitScl,
          but doing rotation too (source DC's width and height
          must be power of 2, as the wdt & hgt arguments)

        - uglPutFlipScl and uglPutMskFlipScl: flipped and scaled
          image and sprite drawing (using the new algo, see note
          below about uglPutScl)

        - ugluSaveTGA: saves a DC to disk, in TARGA 24-bit format

        - 2DFX module:
          * reads from any color format (1 to 32 bpp (no 24-bit))
          * can read only part of a source DC (store your tiles and
            sprites in just one big bitmap)
          * writes to any CFMT (8, 15, 16 and 32bpp)
          * can do scaling
          * can do horizontal and/or vertical flipping
          * can do masking (skips BRIGHT PINK or any user defined color)
          * can do color substitution: solid color (sprites only),
                                       LUT (for paletted-like effects),
                                       mono color (for light effects),
                                       texture (NOT implemented yet),

          * can do a 2nd pass color sub: factor multiply (for shading),
                                         factor add (for color effects)

          * can do blending (up to 256 levels) using this
            modes (currently): alpha,
                               mono multiplication,
                               saturated addition,
                               saturated subtraction,
                   saturated addition times alpha

        - uglPutFlip and uglPutMskFlip: both had errors when
          clipping was needed, my bad :P

        - uglPutScl and uglPutMskScl: they are not using the
          tmappers anymore, so source DC's can have any size
          and the dimensions don't have to be power of 2

build 0.23b
        - Added a perspective correct tmapper!!!
          Yeah!! It's around 20% slower then the affine mapper
          on my athlon. So it's not that bad. I still have more
          optimisations to do though. Migh be able to crank up
          the performance another 5-10%. Right now i'm just happy
          that it works. It was a bitch to code in asm. Intel sucks,

        - uglTriG now supports linear palettes in 8 bit mode.
          Use uglPalUsingLin to switch between 332 and linear palette

        - uglSetVideoDC would fail if calling it after uglRestore if
          the resolution was same as before.

        - The library builder wouldn't build, reporting that atleast
          one bpp has to be selected when you had selected just 8 bit.

        - Mod player now supports vibrato, tremolo and arpegio.
          I'm still not completly happy with the mod player.

        - Sutherland-Hodgman clipping is now split up into several
          files becuase of two reasons. The major reason is size.
          The module when assembled was 16 kb. And if you use any
          of the convex polygon routines you had to include all of
          those 16 kbs. It now works much smarter, including only
          what's needed. The second reason for splitting it up into
          more files is for simplecity, a new set of routines are
          coming up, can you guess what they are? No? Perspective
          correct texturemapping and eventually gouruad. Neatooo.

build 0.22a
        - A mod player. Yepp, you read correctly. However, as
          it's summer i'm not going to waste time coding. So
          vibrato, tremolo and arpegio aren't implemented.
          But other then that it works perfect.
oship me and i will give you lots of guurrls and beeea
I have sent you an email Syn9
speedlemon wonders what make forum think that syn9's project isnt going to end up like a lot of qb games. speedlemon wishes he could help but doesnt have the skills nor the time.
because of those:
:o :o :o

speedlemon would like to thank ak00ma. :wink:
please ya

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