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New QuickBasic Magazine: QB Express
Quote:Oh, I just remember a person I definitly would not want to thank. Alan 'O Hagan known as CGI Joe/Generic. He was supposed to do lots of things for UGL. But he never did more then a few lines on anything. That lazy bastard.

You will pay for that, boy.
lazy bastard
oship me and i will give you lots of guurrls and beeea
That mag is great! Big Grin
Everything about the magazine owns, except for the layout. Make it a page by page thing. Of course you don't have to, that would just make it near-perfect.

How have I gone this long missing Pete's QB site? It's almost right up there with VPlanet! Smile Great work.
I like the mag, great work. Layout is great, nice and readble. Look forward to more Smile
To Pete:

Man, I gotta honestly say that your newest QB online mag is truly awesome stuff and reading!! Look, you really have some creative and spectactular ideas that *really* pay off big-time!!! I mean, first the resurrection of your site, and now this ever-sparkling gem of yours called QB Express. My, you are GREAT!!! Big Grin !!

Keep up the outstandingly good work, you understand that? ^_- !! Thanks so much!!


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'At that size'? I have my monitor at 1024x768 and it looks great. You'd have to have it on some ridiculous 4000x3000-ish setting to have to strain to read.

One think I did notice was some overflow errors in Firefox .9. But it's nothing major, and hardly noticeable. And Mozilla really is a bitch about overflow errors (standards be damned).
I meant the font in the comic, Joe. Some words are unreadable 'cause some letters join. I'm at 1024 as well.
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Thanks for the advice, everybody!

I'm going to see what I can do to fix the formatting. Everything works fine until you get to the preformatted code that Relsoft and Marcade included in their tutorials. (If anybody knows a way to include automatic word wrapping & indenting in preformatted text, let me know!)

Anyway, does anybody have anything they'd like to submit for the second issue?

Right now, for issue #2, I've only got comics by Matt2Jones, possibly another tutorial by RelSoft (he mentioned writing another one, but hasn't committed), and of course, several articles written by myself. I desperately need people to write articles / editorials, reviews and tutorials. Also, if anyone's interested, I am lookiing for people to write monthly or bimonthly columns.

I appreciate all the feedback and compliments!
Pete's QB Site:
Quote:Great work dude, i agree, it's one of the best ever.

You forgot me. :x
y smiley is 24 bit.
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