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New QuickBasic Magazine: QB Express
To be honest, I was not impressed by the comic in general. It was neither witty nor funny nor artistic. I would probably just leave it out next issue.
I never even bothered to read it... The font gave me a headache..

But besides the story, really good Magazine.. =)
Yeah, I drew it in Paint and its ment to look like it was drawn in paint, like the comics on Petes site I was looking at when I had the idea. The logos I ripped are ment to look like they were ripped BADLY, I even ment to send a version where the colours were knocked down to sixteen, and really badly dithered. Its not really ment to be a gag comic, more a story about a guy who REALLY loves qbasic... Like JTHM, which its obviously ripping off.

If you like, I'll inlcude a commentary it it will make it easier to read, or if you really don't like it I'm sure Pete won't force you to read it and will remove it's presence entirely...

Matt - Just like frankenstien trying to justify his monster

PS: Thanks Dark_Prevail... You made it all worth while!
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The comic itself isn't bad, the font is, I can't even read it... running at 1280x1024...

Tried for a while, then lost interesst... Change the font, or make it more readable... =), and I'm sure the comic will be more appreciated.
Quote:PS: Thanks Dark_Prevail... You made it all worth while!

Good good! I think it must have been all that Cpp coders blood that I liked. Har har har! =)
That's my DarkP... I tought him everything he knows. *sniff*

I never said that the comic was bad. It just looked bad. Confusedhifty:
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Back by popular demand!
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Here's some information on the next issue, in case you're wondering...
(Yes, there will be a second issue unlike some other QB Mags....ahem, Razor Diskmag, ahem.)
  • What's in store for the second issue (so far):

    *I have begun the second "Blast From The Past" column.

    *Both 19day and Chaoticmass have tentatively offered to write tutorials, though they haven't yet committed. 19Day mentioned writing a newer version of his old RPG scripting tutorial.

    *Matt2Jones has given me four more "Bobby The QBasic Maniac" comics (2 header panels & 2 actual comics) for the next two issues of this magazine. (As for people that were complaining about it, tough luck. I said in the first issue, that QB Express is an OPEN magazine, where anyone is allowed to submit stuff, no matter who you are. I won't reject articles and I won't censor, unless it's an extreme case. If you don't like the comic, don't read it!)

    *Oz has volunteered to do reviews of QB games/programs or sites. He'll write the review once I assign him something to review. If anyone has a game that they would like reviewed in the second issue, please tell me about it. (We will ONLY accept new programs; something that was released more than a couple months ago will not be considered. There are far too many reviews of Wetspot 2, Dark Ages and Monospace...this magazine covers only NEW releases.)

    *I've also got three topics for editorials I'm kicking around. I'm not gonna write all three, but I will write one or two for sure.

    *I have gotten suggestions for new columns, and I'm going to include some of them. Matt2Jones suggest I start a QB monthly programming mini-competition, which will have a new challenge every month. There have been others suggested too.

    *I also got a suggestion to start a mailing list that will tell people when a new issue is released. I might just start a list next issue.

As you can tell, I don't have much yet. I am still looking for submissions -- so SEND STUFF IN! I also need QB news, so make sure you let me know!

I am aiming for the second issue to be released on or around September 15th
Pete's QB Site:
Hey, I've been thinking about the name and all. How about QB Impact? Since it's had quite an impact on the community, and it also sounds cooler. Smile
I will still be able to send you another article.

My choices are:

1. Chapter 5 of the 3d series(The lookat function, clipping, etc)
2. Implementing nice GFX in RPG battles

Your call. :*)
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Genso's Junkyard:
The 3d article, pick the 3d article!

And on another note: We could have press releases in the magazine, when ever someone releases a FULL project, they could send it in with a description to the mag, the mag could review it and post their information, a link, and the mags review of it, which would point out any inacurasies of what the writers say their project is capable of, which would stop the needless boasts and deciet that you sometimes get....
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