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New QuickBasic Magazine: QB Express
Quote:I will still be able to send you another article...
1. Chapter 5 of the 3d series(The lookat function, clipping, etc)
2. Implementing nice GFX in RPG battles

Sorry, I forgot to add you to that list...I knew you were thinking of submitting another tutorial.

Anyway, both tutorials sound really cool! Since Matt2Jones wants the 3D one, and I like both...I'll go with Chapter 5 of the 3D series.

But either of them would be fine... and I'll gladly run the other tutorial in Issue #3, if you'd like.

Thanks a lot Rel.
Pete's QB Site:
Quote: We could have press releases in the magazine, when ever someone releases a FULL project, they could send it in with a description to the mag, the mag could review it and post their information, a link, and the mags review of it, which would point out any inacurasies of what the writers say their project is capable of, which would stop the needless boasts and deciet that you sometimes get....

Good suggestions! I've actually already got a system for managing "press releases", and we will start doing reviews beginning with Issue #2.

The "QuickBasic News" column is basically where press releases are printed. News about QB program progress or releases, sites, competitions, etc. is included. But projects don't have to be released in FULL to be included in the News. News submissions will be edited and written by me based on the information people submit.

Another alternative is for somebody to write a full preview about their game and send it in. (These have to be more than a few paragraphs, and include background on the project...something like what Adigun A. Polack submitted for the first issue about the QB Caliber Programming Compo.) I'll print these in their entirety as individual articles if they're good enough to stand on their own. Otherwise, they'll just be included as news.

As far as reviews go, we will be doing reviews of ONLY new releases of games or other programs. I'm still waiting for a good release to come out to be reviewed in the next issue. If a new release doesn't come, then we'll have to go for something that has come out over the last few months. Programs we review don't have to be FULL, but we won't review engine demos or any game that doesn't have a significant amount of gameplay...except in very rare circumstances.

So far, Oz has signed on as the first reviewer, though I'm always looking for more. Reviews for this magazine will be written out in paragraph form, with a rating given between 0 and 100. We don't follow one of those point-by-point formats (like V Planet!, GBGames or the old reviews on Pete's QB Site) where each category is rated and that determines the total score.

So everyone make sure you send in press releases, previews and programs to get reviewed!
Pete's QB Site:
Pete: I think you will find there are a few games that have been released in the last year or two that haven't been covered at all, let alone overdone. QB games seem to be few and far between these days, but there quality is generally quite high.
Quote:Pete: I think you will find there are a few games that have been released in the last year or two that haven't been covered at all, let alone overdone. QB games seem to be few and far between these days, but there quality is generally quite high.

Sounds good -- I definitely wouldn't mind reviewing games nobody else has looked at. I just don't want to waste time re-reviewing stuff that's been already done.

What are some of these games? Anyone have suggestions?

The only one I can think of is the TWIGZ Engine... That's been the only major release since I returned to the QB community in July.
Pete's QB Site:
I suggested notification full games instead of previews/demos etc because so many sites nowadays have sections for projects, which contain long, well written press releases of their games, which never get finished, and its really tedious trying to trawl through those sites trying to find a complete game you can play from beginning to end. That's why I thought of notifying everyone of the final release of a project, so people would know, here's something I can download and fully enjoy, instead of going to the cinema and only getting to see the trailer of the movie.

Its sortof a pet peeve of mine, but I've always wanted a site which has no demo's (or if it does, only demo's like untitled that can stand alone as full games), and lots of full games, just for fucking conviniance sake.


PS: That point and click project does sound cool, I've been thinking of making a game in it myself...
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Btw Pete, it's badlogic, not Bad-Logic
oship me and i will give you lots of guurrls and beeea
I'm still looking for submissions for the second issue! (But you guys already knew that.)

But more importantly, is the Poll of the month:

What is your favorite QB forum?

You can vote on the front page of my site, here:

QBasic News is one of the choices in the poll, and I have posted messages on all the competing message forums (to be fair). There have not been nearly enough votes yet, and they've mostly been by my site's regular visitors ... who voted for my site. Obviously, my message board is not the most popular. So I decided to promote the poll.
Pete's QB Site:
It says I have already voted... but I didn't
Quote:It says I have already voted... but I didn't
I just reset the IP address blocker (which prevents double votes)... I forgot to reset it after the last poll, so the 53 previous voters would have been blocked from the new poll. Now everybody should be able to vote.
Pete's QB Site:
what about people who are NATed?

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