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dont know if this is possible
Alright, I'll whip something up, it'll probably be ready on Tuesday.
we'll be waiting =P
Mod made/installed Big Grin

Go to your profile to turn it on Smile

It's all optimised - if you don't have it on the sql isn't done.
Heh, I don't really see the use of it... but I'll turn it on anyway, won't hurt :wink:
Actually, (he might have meant the last post, but...) it might be more useful if it shows the tooltop for the first post so we know what it's about. I'm sure people won't mind the extra wait of clicking it to find out what everone's talking about... Smile
The pages take a bit longer to load. And it displays only a bit of post =(. We want more =). Here are two nice javascript tooltips that I like. If you could implement something similar then it would be great Big Grin
OK, when I get the time I'll try to modify it to make you able to specify:

* whether you use a tooltip or javascript tooltip (for non-javascript browsers)
* whether you want to see the first or latest post
* how many characters you want to see of the post

Though this isn't very high priority for me. Any other features?

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