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QB Express Issue 2 Now Available
Also, next month's Poll has been started. Everyone needs to vote!

The poll is on the front page of my site, the left side, midway down:
Pete's QB Site:
that was one cool issue. great work! i loved qb:tm and yours comes so damn close to qb:tm. keep it up!

'm so lazy... no really.... i am the laziest programmer ever ... ever.
Quote:[...] insert spaces by hand. [...]

GeSHi to get highlighting as well:, then view source Big Grin
Great work Pete and everyone, QB Express is defintely shaping up to be a QB:tm beater, the only thing it needs is more issues(which we are wanting to see ;-) )
yay, if you reach the 12 issues (one year....) mark, qb:tm will be forgotten^^

i'd love to write articles too, but i gotta work on my english skills. well, i let you know if i wrote a proper article. probably about qb rpgs and expecially innovative ones!

'm so lazy... no really.... i am the laziest programmer ever ... ever.
Don't worry about your English... Big Grin There may be people who'd like to check it for you! The more articles we have in the QB Express, the better Wink
na_th_an Wrote:it claims that QB 4.5 is "the best version of QB"... Of course, it's the latest Big Grin
I didn't say that... Wink
Here's what I said:
Quote:QB45, the best version of QB, together with PDS.
I say that for QB... QB45 and PDS share the same place, namely the best place. I hope you see it now Smile

I understood it, I was claiming that PDS is not a version of QB Wink

Anyhow I can't see how QB and PDS share the same place, 'cause PDS has much more capabilities and is very superior (286 code, more instructions, overlays, ISAM databases, improved type structures...).
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MariuZ: Neo's right. Even if your English skills are mediocre, it doesn't matter! We still need articles, and from what I've seen of your writing, you're certainly good enough to write for us!

In fact, the majority of the writers for the magazine are not native English speakers. Actually, most of the contributors to the first two issues have been Europeans who speak English as a second language.

So if you've got any inkling to write -- do it!

We just need articles!
Pete's QB Site:
Far out...Great work Pete. A well-written and well organized issue. Loved the 'Blast From The Past' section with Tsugumo's masterpiece TheGame. Keep at it!
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