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QB Express Issue 2 Now Available
The October issue of QB Express is now available. You can read the issue here.

This issue is chock-full of the latest QB news and tutorials. Included is Chapter 5 of RelSoft's 3D Series, a tutorial on Fractals by Terry Cavanagh, Nathan1993's tutorial on Object-Oriented RPGs, a neat tutorial by Martin Rampersad on how to "liberate" QuickBasic from DOS, and the first part of Neo Deus Ex Machina's new QBNow! series.

Also featured this month is Z!re's MOORPG in the Gallery, and Tsugumo's heralded RPG, TheGame, in the Blast From The Past! section. There is an article by myself on "The Search For The Mags" and the first of the QB Express monthly programming competitions: The Four Line Game Compo.

All this and more in Issue 2 of QB Express
Pete's QB Site:
Dang!!! I was supposed to write about fractals next. :*(

Big Grin
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Genso's Junkyard:
Wow Man! That is possibly even better than last months issue! Awesome! You are really doing some awesome work here, Pete. The work you have done is very valuable to the Qmmunity, so thanks a million! I especially liked your preview of MooRPG and the review of Tsugumo's "TheGame", and I will look forward to reading the next issue! =)
I was waiting, great issue Big Grin
Congrats for this new issue. I specially enjoy the "historic articles" and your mag tends to have some of them in every issue, so that's cool for me. The article about Tsugumo's is awesome.

The Fractal tutorial by Terry Cavanagh is also very interesting. It's nice to see that Terry is still alive Big Grin. He disappeared from MSN Messenger a year ago, after leaving VPlanet.

Only to critique: the layout keeps being screwed up in IE, and you should fix that. It's a pitty that such a nice design gets screwed. IE sucks, but remember that 90% of internet surfers are lazy like me and use IE 6 until IE 7 comes with some windows update. I think the problem comes when a line of code is wider than the table width. The text, instead of word wrap to the next line, keeps going right screwing the layout.

The comic keeps being the worst thing in the mag, mainly 'cause the defects that were pointed out in the 1st issue are still there. Still jaggy and somewhat unreadable. That font is not a good pick, as I already commented. Plus a comic with 3 colours should be saved as a GIF or PNG file avoiding all that ugly "JPEG droppings". I think that the author should have taken in account the output about his comic left in these forums, but it seems that it hasn't happened. It suffers from the same downpoints as the 1st issue.

Also, in the Neo's beginner's tutorial, it claims that QB 4.5 is "the best version of QB"... Of course, it's the latest Big Grin. But I think that tutorials should begin to explain the different BASIC product lines and advise that PDS is very superior than QB and VBDOS is very superior than PDS. Plus beware: quotes (") in the program listings are "directed" (i.e. “Yellow” instead of "Yellow"), probably MS Word's work, so codes won't work when pasted into a text file and loaded in QB!
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I agree with Na_th_an. The comic was the worst thing. after reading the first strip i just gave up trying to decipher it.

However, definately a great issue!!! Everyone, keep up the good work!
Jumping Jahoolipers!
Quote:it claims that QB 4.5 is "the best version of QB"... Of course, it's the latest Big Grin
I didn't say that... Wink
Here's what I said:
Quote:QB45, the best version of QB, together with PDS.
I say that for QB... QB45 and PDS share the same place, namely the best place. I hope you see it now Smile
About those double quotes, indeed they don't work when copying the stuff. I have corrected it in Part II, but I hope Pete can correct it in the future versions of the tutorial.

About the mag, it is great work! I hope the 3rd wil be even better!

Also, my tutorials won't disappear from the mag for at least 10 months... Wink
Awesome, Pete! Another great issue.

- Dav
Thanks for all the postive feedback, everyone!

As always, I'm looking for writers for Issue #3. This may be redundant, but if I'm going to keep releasing great issues, I'm going to need a lot of submissions. Anything you want to write, about any topic relating to QB, will be gladly accepted.
  • I need reviewers. (You can pick whatever format you'd like for your review -- it's up to you.)

    I need tutorials on any QB topic you feel you have an expertise in...

    I need articles and editorials about the QB community, whether they discuss QB history, the current state of QB programming, etc. So far, I've been the only real *article* writer, and the articles (like the Blast From The Past! about TheGame) seem to be the most popular columns right now. So we should give people what they want, right?

    I need news articles and announcements. I would also like to have a reporter or two to help search out QB news and write up news briefs.

    And I need anything else you'd like to send in.

Na_th_an: For the formatting, I'm thinking that I might quite using <PRE></PRE> tags to preformat the code, and instead just change the font to Courier and insert spaces by hand. That's the easiest way to simulate preformatted text and still allow wordwrapping.

Sorry if the formatting keeps causing people problems. I thought that since there wouldn't be any really long lines of code in this issue that it would probably be all right. I guess not.
Pete's QB Site:
Quote:[...] insert spaces by hand. [...]

QB Auto Indenter: Big Grin
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