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Dav's Qbasic Site updates
Dav's Qbasic Site updates!

Some new articles where added to the 'QuickBasic Knowledge Base'. A few new files were added also - including a standalone version of the QBKB. The forum has expaned.

It is mainly a 'Behind the scenes' update (fixing several HTML glitches) but there is also some new content. Please visit. Thanks.

Go There

- Dav
Neat...Did you add the articles that I gave you?

(btw, I think that your QBKB search would be more useful if it wasn't case-sensitive...just MO though.)
Thanks. I added some of them. (Gave you credit on the news page). Yes, I agree with you on the search function. I'll get on that...

- Dav
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Nice. Great soft design you got there.
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