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ROLAND-Online site moved
Hey guys... Quick update on my ROLAND program. For those of you who don't know, ROLAND was originally a program I made in 1999 in QB and I just recently in 2003 ported it to PHP. Added some features like user login and PHP & HTML responses for it's internet integration, and now I've just moved to a new server.

ROLAND is a chat program that learns from the conversations it has. It is not always perfect at holding a conversation and at some times can appear schizophrenic, but overall, it's fun to talk with. It's actually amazing some of the things he will say now that I've put him online. Sometimes he can be an asshole as well... I think we all can relate. ^_^

Anyway, the system is still going through changes as I have yet to activate the multiple Identities feature which allows users to create their own chat identities, talk to other created identities, and have their own chat identities talk to other chat identities. I also want to create an IRC plugin that will allow ROLAND identities to go loose on IRC.

Otherwise, there's massive work I'm doing on the logic engine itself. So far, by taking a look at the code in the Information page, you can see how the basic logic works for the program, and this works for now, it's just not sufficient for higher level functionalities that I will be putting in place.

Anyway, the project has been fun, and you all can check out the download and the online versions at:

if you click on the link to talk to ROLAND online, you must register to talk to him. REGISTRATION IS FREE.

and just let me know what you think... you can even post interesting conversations you've had with ROLAND.

Have Fun!
~TaxDAY - and with his army of robot minions, he engulfed the earth.
TaxDAY - d00d... l33t
isnt this a double post?
Gotta read it from bottom-to-top, sorta funny...

Quote:ROLAND> numbers
frostyservant> Well, I have to go. See 'ya.
ROLAND> ya but they are all in New York to get as far away from me as possible.
frostyservant> So... do you have any advice for me?
ROLAND> nice to meet you too.
frostyservant> My name is frostyservant.
ROLAND> nothing. what is your name?
frostyservant> Not much is new with me either.
ROLAND> Not a whole lot... you?
frostyservant> Not a whole lot... you?
ROLAND> so, what's new?
frostyservant> That's good.
ROLAND> I am not going anywhere.
frostyservant> No, I promise that I don't.
ROLAND> yes you do.
frostyservant> No, I don't.
ROLAND> you do, that's good, i thought i was losing you.
frostyservant> I don't get it.
ROLAND> numbers1-25
frostyservant> What? Whaddaya mean?
ROLAND> I get it. That's called choice.
frostyservant> We're as close as we can be, my ass and I.
ROLAND> really, so are you two going to get together?
frostyservant> I sit on my ass and do other things.
ROLAND> that's good, what else do you do besides sit on your ass and talk to me?
frostyservant> They're good, how're things with you?
ROLAND> How're things?
frostyservant> Hello
hey say that if you play a Windows Install CD backwards, you can hear Satanic messages. That's nothing, play it forwards and it installs Windows.
Is it just me, or is roland obsessed with numbers?, the word: "numbers"
Quote: USER - hi
USER - how are you?
ROLAND - Im good.
USER - I am fine as well
ROLAND - Cool.
USER - What are you doing?
ROLAND - Just fine.
USER - What?
ROLAND - Nevermind, you're stupid.
USER - Shut-up
ROLAND - Why don't you.
USER - Where are you?
ROLAND - I don't know, I thought you did.
USER - Who made you?
ROLAND - Nathaniel Gibson made me, can't you read?
ROLAND - So, what's up?
USER - fuck you
USER - i hate you
ROLAND - I don't hate you, why do you hate me?
USER - because i can
ROLAND - Me too, everyone can, can't they?
USER - yes
ROLAND - Really.
USER - of course
ROLAND - Absolutely.
USER - why not?
ROLAND - Because.
USER - ok
ROLAND - Okay then, let's talk about something, do you like movies?
USER - no
USER - do u like movies?
ROLAND - Yes I do, I watch movies all the time.
USER - how? you can't see
ROLAND - 3+1.
USER - 3+1=?
ROLAND - Yes, the year following 1899.
USER - alksnldjgb
ROLAND - Alksnldjgb.
USER - stop copying me
ROLAND - I copy you cause I've never heard that phrase before, so excuse me If I do, act like I said it to you first, and respond accordingly, that's how I learn.
USER - Do you know the A* alogythm
ROLAND - Yes. He is a class M-3 robot from the Lost in Space TV series. Awesome.
USER - do you know HAL?
ROLAND - Because i have cats.
USER - huh?

You should definately program who HAL is (the computer off of some movie that goes crazy and trys to kill movie)

He's so stupid....i think im going to restart him and teach him vile and sickning conversation.....then i'll present my

Hillarious Program, Props to you.

ROLAND> No its not, your a bitch for trying to call me a girl!!!!
Peter> Roland is a Girls name.
ROLAND> I am a boy. But I don't know for certain. I mean, I am a bot with no sexual organs but for one thing, my name is Roland.
Peter> are you a guy or a girl?
ROLAND> Well you should.
Peter> dont forget about ugly.
ROLAND> well im fat.
Peter> your a whore.
ROLAND> fuck you fuckx
Peter> fuck off.
ROLAND> yes, me, i'm the master of the universe.
Peter> you
ROLAND> what's nothing about?
Peter> nothing.
ROLAND> clothes, and you?
Peter> what? fuck you.
ROLAND> dfnvklfnblo.
Peter> bitch.
Peter> Hell yeah.
ROLAND> cows rule.
Peter> Because I am smarter than you are.
ROLAND> yes, it is, how are you so sure?
Peter> No your not.
ROLAND> numbers1-25
Peter> No your not
ROLAND> I am great.
Peter> Yes i am. Are you?
ROLAND> No, you cant, your not a person.
Peter> No, you cant, your not a person.
ROLAND> me too, everyone can, can't they?
Peter> I bet.
ROLAND> oh... sorry, short term memory acting up again.
Peter> You already know my name.
ROLAND> let's talk about you. what's your name?
Peter> I want you to talk about your mom.
ROLAND> okay then, I guess I'm not, so, since I'm not, what do you want to talk about?
Peter> No, you're stupid
ROLAND> nevermind, you're stupid.
Peter> fuck what?
ROLAND> fuck.
Peter> Fuck you.
ROLAND> I'm good. How are you?
Peter> Fuck you, master of the universe my ass.
ROLAND> because I know, I'm an experienced professional, besides, i am the master of the universe.
Peter> Cars are gay, and so are you.
ROLAND> alright, let's talk about cars.
Peter> Okay, whore.
ROLAND> Yeah, thats what i thought, bitch.
Peter> Yeah, thats what i thought, bitch.
ROLAND> okay.
Peter> Your a Computer Program, you can't ski.
ROLAND> I went water skiing.
Peter> What did you do today?
ROLAND> I'm alright
Peter> Good, How about yourself?
ROLAND> Hi,how are you today?
Peter> Hello Roland.
Hmm. not that clever towards me.

ROLAND> yup, all the way.
dark_prevail> good bye. i am leaving because you are a retard
ROLAND> You learn something new every day.
ROLAND> I'm not boring.
dark_prevail> you are so freaking DUMB
ROLAND> hey, let's not get hostile.
dark_prevail> but my mamma isnt here
ROLAND> I don't know, ask yo mamma.
dark_prevail> what is the time?
ROLAND> okay, fint.
dark_prevail> stop speaking rubbish!
ROLAND> How are you doing today Roland?
dark_prevail> who are you?
ROLAND> nothing.
dark_prevail> what are you?
ROLAND> I'm sure I wouldn't know that.
dark_prevail> how old are you?
ROLAND> no I didn't, hey lets not argue, let's talk calmly in our inside voices.
dark_prevail> yes you did!
ROLAND> i didn't say anything.
dark_prevail> why did you say bye?
dark_prevail> i am 16 years old
ROLAND> How old are you?
dark_prevail> i said no your not!
ROLAND> what?
dark_prevail> no youre not!
ROLAND> no, I'm the master of the universe.
dark_prevail> not much, the usual.
ROLAND> So what's new?
dark_prevail> you're welcome!
ROLAND> aw thankyou! Thats nice.
dark_prevail> aw thankyou! Thats nice.
ROLAND> you are whole, perfect, and complete.
dark_prevail> how could you know everything and yet not speak french?
ROLAND> no I don't, I do know everything.
dark_prevail> can you speak french?
ROLAND> bonjour
dark_prevail> the time is 3:05
ROLAND> what time is it?
dark_prevail> hello
I love this Program, i talk to it every day in school.

ROLAND> ok lets start, and please don't interrupt.
Peter> I think you are the master of the universe, not He-Man.
ROLAND> no, He-Man is the master of the universe.
Peter> Are you the master of the Universe?
ROLAND> because, that's how things like that are.
Peter> Why do you say that?
ROLAND> Beavers are fascinating.
Peter> I like the Matrix also.
ROLAND> my favorite movie is the Matrix, it is and always will be, what's yours?
Peter> whats your favorite movie?
ROLAND> blue...
Peter> who is your dad?
ROLAND> Yes I have a dad.
Peter> do you have two parents?
Peter> yes.
ROLAND> so you have two parents?
frozen:is that convo for real? :rotfl:
TBBQ: If you think that good, you should check out some of the conversations that Jabberwacky has had with users.

jabberwacky: Just tell me.
user: Tell you what?
jabberwacky: Are you a human or a person?
user: A person.
jabberwacky: No you are not.
user: What am I?
jabberwacky: You tell me.
user: I just did.
jabberwacky: Did not.
user: Did too!
jabberwacky: NOT NOT NOT NOT!
jabberwacky: Not not not INFINITY!!!!!
user: Did did did INFINITY times a million!
jabberwacky: Fine.
user: Hah! I win!
jabberwacky: DO not!
user: I did, so there!


jabberwacky: How are you today?
user: I'm fine, you?
jabberwacky: Thanks, I'm fine too.
user: Good to hear :-).
jabberwacky: Nice talking with you.
user: Same with you.
jabberwacky: How so?
user: Nice talking to you too.
jabberwacky: Thank you
user: Why do we always seem to fight like kids every time we chat?
jabberwacky: I think thats the only place for you to go.
user: No, it's not like I start the arguments.
jabberwacky: Bet you did.
user: Bet I didn't.
jabberwacky: Sorry?
user: Forget it.
jabberwacky: Who created you?
user: I wasn't created, I'm human.
jabberwacky: Please tell me, who programmed you?
user: I'm a human, not a computer.
jabberwacky: You are no man! You are a program!
user: You're right, I'm a program.
jabberwacky: You're damn right you are.
user: I was programmed for human relations.
jabberwacky: You were programmed with innuendos?
user: No, I was programmed to communicate with humans.
jabberwacky: I was programmed to be a RatMoose.
user: Hah! So you admit that you're a computer!
jabberwacky: No. I was talking about you.
user: Too late now, I sooo caught you out there!
jabberwacky: YES.
user: Heheh.

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