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QB Express Issue #3 Is Now Available!
Great issue! Like always! Tongue

Pete: you'll probably receive the next 3/4 chapters somewhere end November Smile Keep up the good work!
Quote:matt2jones... change the damn font already! It's ugly as hell.

We went over this last month. Matt made the first four issues worth of comics at the same time, before even the first issue was released. That's why they haven't changed/improved in quality since the first issue. He'll take everyone's suggestions into account when he makes the next batch of comics.
Pete's QB Site:
I must've missed that... meh.
Superb work, Pete. I found the article about the QB Top 50 particularly interesting, because I'm wondering if QB Worlds webring - now with around 70 members - is in a similar postion to develop into a hub site to support the QB network like the old QBT50 did. In the past I've decided against it because:
a) I didn't want webring members to think that, through the QB Worlds portal, they were just linking to somebody else's site that was 'stealing the thunder' of the other sites in the webring.
b) My PHP skills are not yet ready for such a task Smile

I may still add a forum for discussing suggestions and improvements to webring. So I guess I could try that and see if anybody uses it for starters..

Anyway, we now have a shiny new easy-to-remember URL:

(Thanks wildcard Wink )
In a world without walls and doors, who needs Windows and Gates?
Piptol: I'm glad you liked the article! QB could certainly use another hub site (the only one I really know of that is still active is the QB RPG Top 50). For the first few years that QB was on the Internet, hub sites were all the rage.

In fact, at one point, my site was in all of the following:
  • *QBasic and QuickBasic Top 100
    *QBasic / QuickBasic Top 50 (QBT50)
    *Top 25 QBasic Sites
    *The Coder's Choice Top 25
    *The Elite QBasic / QuickBasic Top 50
    *QBasic Top 219
    *The QB Top 50 (QBTop50)
    *QBasic Pathfinder

You can see the voting images still at:

I was also in seventeen QB webrings, none of which are still alive these days (I think).

Currently, there are only 3 active QB webrings that I know of, and QB Worlds is by far the best one.

But hey, another general QB top sites list / hub might breathe some life into QB sites. You never know. They certainly inspired a lot of QB sites to start back in 1998.

Quote:I must've missed that... meh.

Heheheh. People have complained about the comic's font after every single issue, and I think Matt2Jones got the point the first time around. It's just that he already finished the comics in advance and doesn't feel like going back and fixing them.
Pete's QB Site:
Yeah, I'll be doing the next 4/5 strips this halloween, so after that you can start insulting BBY again and I'll listen Big Grin

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